Available for Review: The One True Child Series by L.C. Conn (Books 1 – 5) Genre: Fantasy @RRBookTours1 #BookBloggers

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It’s not every day you get the opportunity to review an entire series. Well, to celebrate the release of book #5, Stones, all 5 books are available for review. This is not part of a tour so you read and review on your schedule, however, each book requires a review and I ask that you please cross-post to Amazon, Goodreads etc… These books are available in PDF and you have till the end of August to read them.

Choose one, choose two, choose the whole series!


Sentinels #1

The world is still new and the war between Order and Chaos is reaching its breaking point. But Order has a plan. The One True Child is born to two of Order’s Sentinels and hidden in the secret valley which guards the way to the most sacred of spots, the standing stones. Brought up by the Guardian of the Stones and her family, Carling does not know who she is and why she was born. Until she turns thirteen. The truth is revealed and she comes into her abilities which are beyond the normal for one of The People. And her story begins, setting her on the path to meet Chaos.

Carling #2

The second book in the One True Child Series. Carling is only six when her family is slain by invading Romans. She is taken back to their fort as slave to the commander’s wife. There she clings to her memories and her hatred. Carling discovers unexpected friends while avoiding the attentive eye of the commander’s son. When her abilities start to emerge, she is swiftly sent away. Just as she begins to settle into herself, her life again is upended. She is forced to leave her new found love, Galen, and return to the Roman fort. Once again no longer free, she uncovers secrets, discovers her own strength, and battles evil foretold generations before.

Claire #3

By the age of 17, Claire thought she knew where her life was heading. She had her best friend, Adam, at her side and the sage guidance of her great-uncle.

Until one fateful night when everything changed.

Spirited away to save her life, Claire is thrust into the unknown and hidden from all she knows. Life for her had changed forever, and never again could she look at the world the same way. Now she has to ferret out the secrets that she finds herself surrounded by and quickly learn who she can trust and how to use her new found talents.

She must do all this before it is too late and Adam’s father, Marcus, finds her.

Guardians #4

Six years have passed since Claire discovered her unique ancestry and special gifts. Now, her once simple life grows ever-more complicated. An opportunity to escape for the summer reveals itself by way of an archaeological dig in Scotland. Claire jumps at the chance and gets more than artifacts and evidence of a past society. The ancient world of her ancestors opens to her and she finds her self facing an ancient darkness. Can she prevail and protect the sacred lands of the Guardians or will this be her final battle?

Stones #5 (Brand New!)

Deep within the New Zealand bush, lies a plateau with a clearing, covered in the many years of fallen leaves, it is damp and dark. Hidden just under the surface are the stones, green and still polished, placed by the Guardians of this land. There is power in them still and they are about to bear witness to a great battle between light and darkness. Claire Drummond is in danger, her very life depends on the actions and help of her husband and family. Also, the man she thought had left her life for good, Tony Benning. Caught up once more in the heavy turmoil of good vs evil, Claire has much more to fight for than just a set of stones in the highlands of Scotland. This time it’s personal. This time he has her daughter



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