Blog Tour Sign Up: Haunted Ends by Elizabeth Price (June 3rd to June 7th) Genre: #Paranormal #Mystery/ Ghosts #bookbloggers

Hey Bloggers!

I’m organizing a blog tour for an upcoming release called Haunted Ends. Reviews will take priority but I also need bloggers for promo spots as well. The tour will run from June 3rd to June 7th. ARCs and cover will be ready soon. PDF is the only format for this one guys. Giveaway will be digital copies of the book.

Haunted Ends distortionHaunted Ends

Expected Publication Date: June

Genre: Paranormal Mystery/ Ghosts

Publisher: Between the Lines Publishing

Sam spent the last five years of his boring life transporting diamonds up and down the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco. One evening things go terribly wrong for Sam when a mugger shoots him in the chest. Sam escapes fleeing to his hotel, the Juniper, only to die moments later in the lobby.

Weeks later, Rocky, a psychic paranormal investigator, receives a phone call that will forever change his life. His producer gained approval to shoot a segment of their “Dead Inns” cable program inside the paranormally active Juniper hotel.

During filming, Rocky encounters a newly “spirited” Sam haunting the Juniper. Sam latches onto to Rocky, convincing him to search for his killer and to find his diamonds. Sam believes that he must deliver the diamonds to their rightful owner before he can pass. The two team up for an adventure that leads both Rocky and the crew of the Dead Inns show into unusual and deadly situations.

About the Author


Born in Southern California, Elizabeth has always been drawn to Science Fiction and fantasy stories. Having also lived and worked in haunted buildings for many years, she has a deep interest in the paranormal and anything that goes “BOO!” in the night – with the exception of critics that is.

You can connect with Elizabeth on Facebook at or on twitter @Chaosonpaper. You can also visit her website,, to sign up for emails about new releases.



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