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Hey Bloggers!

Due to numerous requests to review this book, author Liz Lewinson has decided to put her book, Women, Meditation and Power on tour. I am looking for bloggers to host review spots, interviews, and book spotlights.

The tour will run from April 27th to May 1st and the book is available now via Book Funnel! Giveaway is a $25 Amazon Gift Card.


Women, Meditation, and Power

Genre: Non-Fiction/ Women’s Studies

Publication Date: January 7, 2020 (New Edition)


Why? Because power – fluidity and change – flows through women more strongly than in men. The primary aspect of women is power. The primary aspect of the male person is love and humility. Somewhere back in time, the roles got switched.

• Learn why women are built to lead
• Learn ways to identify and drop powerless or power-secondary female imagery
• Make meditation one of your secret power tools

Men in charge have unwittingly created a heavy, inflexible power structure that lurches toward destruction. Women express the innate power to up-end the confusion and unravel deep-rooted misunderstandings.

The time for change is now.


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About the Author


LIZ LEWINSON is an award-winning author in biography and Buddhism. Her travels and career in technology and communications have allowed her to observe the inversion of the roles of women and men around the world. She speaks on the topics of women, meditation, and power to students, corporations, and community organizations.

Liz Lewinson

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