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Hey Bloggers!

I’m organizing a blog tour for an upcoming release called Titanborn by Brian Schutter. It’s the first book in a new Science Fiction series. The tour will run from May 4th to the 8th, and I need bloggers to host reviews, interviews, and promotional spots.

ARCs will be available soon!

*Cover May Be Updated


Expected Publication Date: April 6th, 2020

Genre: Science Fiction

β€œNo more death.”

In Titanborn, Schutter weaves the vivid world of Shangri-La β€” a colony living in isolation on Saturn’s moon, Titan β€” and the genetically-engineered humans known as Titanborn whose task is simply to prove they can survive.

Meera is dogged by death. At the age of seven, she watched her childhood friend Jula die due to the cold. So many Titanborn have passed since then in the name of the isolation project but they must forge on. To call for help from Earth would be to fail at what the Titanborn were created to do. They must survive alone.

Meera is just one cog in the wheel of Shangri-La. Assigned before birth to play a role, Meera struggles to come to terms with her anxieties and traumas as she seeks to find a place for herself in this hostile world. When a friend goes missing, Meera must choose to face her fears to save, not only herself, but all of the Titanborn, as the colony and home they’ve built together begins to unravel.

Can the Meera and her people overcome the dangers of Titan’s hostile wastes, or will the Titanborn fall beneath an enemy even closer to home?

Coming Soon!

About the Author

Brian Schutter was fascinated with the future at a young age and studied Materials Science at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, California & Cornell University in Ithaca, New York to pursue his interest in science. Schutter found himself drawn to the amazing possibilities that the technology around him offered, and wrote extensively after hours about speculative applications of machine learning, quantum computing, and so on.

After graduating in May of 2018, he completed his debut novel: β€œTitanborn.” Schutter writes stories that combine the big struggles of colonizing distant worlds with the little struggles of finding the strength to get up every morning. His tales are about taking ownership of our choices and writing our own stories.

Brian Schutter | Twitter | Instagram

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