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Hey Bloggers!

I am thrilled to be organizing a tour for J.F. John’s upcoming book, After Darkness, book #1 of a YA Dystopian duology coming out in April! The tour will run from May 25th to the 29th and I am looking for bloggers to host reviews (review spots take priority), book spotlights, and possibly interviews.

ARCs are available now and trust me, you’re going to want to read this one!

After Darkness - J.F. Johns (ebook)

After Darkness (Book One)

Expected Publication Date: April 14th, 2020


Year 2160

RULE #.1

Humans AND Cyborgs are prohibited from communicating in any shape or form with each other.

RULE #.2

Curfew is from 12 p.m until 7.30 a.m
Applicable to ALL citizens, humans AND cyborgs.

RULE #.3

All propaganda against the government, written or verbal is a crime.

RULE #.4

All the above laws if broken are punishable by death.


Are you ready?


Available for Pre-order!

Amazon US |Β Amazon UK | Amazon ES

About the Author


J.F.Johns is 27 years old and was born and raised in Spain. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at ARU in Cambridge, UK.

She won the Indie Book Awards 2017 for best book written by an author under the age of 25, and was a finalist for best book cover with her novel Eternal Darkness.
She’s an animal lover, and spends her free time playing with her adopted dog and rescued cat, drinking too much coffee and posting book photos on her Instagram.
She believes in the art of dramatic sighing and eye rolling. She works as a ninja, but has been told several times that she’s not very good at her job.

Goodreads |Β Instagram | Twitter


You can also email directly!


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