Available for Review: Rum Hijack by Phil Motel (Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Dark Humor) @philmotel @rrbooktours1 #Books #Bloggers #ReviewCopies

Hey Bookworms! 

I have a newly released book called, Rum Hijack by Phil Motel, available for review. It’s a darkly humorous contemporary fiction and it will be available until the end of July. Unlike an event you can review on your own schedule, I just ask that you please send me a link and cross-post to Amazon, Goodreads, etc…

Request your copy today!

Phil New Rum HijackRum Hijack

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Dark Humor

Publication Date: April 8th, 2020

A frustrated loner and book lover, convinced he is destined to write a best seller and become a literary legend – before even typing a single word – begins taking out his “writer’s block” on the local community.

Depressed and volatile, his explosive outbursts within the privacy of his own home begin to manifest in public as his increasing creative frustrations and disastrous romantic relationships pile up, causing him to become a source of amusement among the regulars at local pubs and bars – but who will have the last laugh?

Amazon UK

You can also contact shanannigans.readsandreels@gmail.com directly.


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