Book Blitz Sign Up: Lyrical Chaos by Samantha Sanchez (Sept 28 – Oct 2) Genre: Contemporary/ UrbanFiction @RRBookTours1

Hey Guys!

I am organizing a book blitz for Lyrical Chaos, the follow up to Prodigal by Samantha Sanchez, and I’m looking for hosts! The blitz will run from Sept. 28th to October 2nd.

This book is also available to anyone wishing to review (If you have read Prodigal). The author is also open to interviews and writing guest posts.

Sign up below!

received_277950946760138Lyrical Chaos

Expected Publication Date: Fall 2020

Genre: Contemporary/ Urban Fiction

The cameras are off but the world is still watching.
The BFC have gone their separate ways and Lyric is learning that life in the
spotlight isn’t as fun as it seems. She is publicly maligned by her fiancé’s family, and
privately disrespected by the man himself. His paranoia and possessiveness hint at a far
deeper issue than just mere jealousy, as she struggles with the decision of whether or not
to follow through with their marriage.
Lyric’s attempts to legitimize herself as an actress is less than ideal but her vocal
talents catch the attention of one of the biggest rap duos of the day. While her celebrity
status begins to create enmity within her church social group. How will the chaos in
Lyric’s life affect her heart? Will the pressure turn her into a diamond? or will the flame
prove too hot, and shatter her mind like glass?


About the Author

20181122_151750_2 (1)

A native of San Diego, Samantha Sanchez is currently finishing a degree in psychology as well as in social and behavioral science. Having a background in both church and drama, she hopes to use her degree and creativity to reach and relate to many people in her community and beyond helping them learn to understand themselves and each other.

Samantha Sanchez


You can also contact directly.


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