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Hey Bookworms!

I am organizing a book tour to help launch Light of the Party by Yamini Naidu. The tour will run from February 1st to the 5th and I am looking for people to host reviews and promos. 

Sign up below!

Light of the party_FULLCOVERLight of the Party

Expected Publication Date: February 1, 2021

Genre: Non-Fiction/ Self-Improvement

Do you know someone who:

Connects easily and quickly with people?
Charms everyone with their anecdotes?
Shines at dinner parties with funny stories?
Builds instant rapport with clients?
Can make an effortless, funny wedding speech?
This person is a storyteller – they are the light of the party wherever they go. And not just at parties, but everywhere.

Good storytelling helps you connect, engage and inspire, and an authentic, well-told story will always wow.

Let me show you how to make storytelling your new superpower.

This book is for everyone – yes I am on a quest to make everyone in the world a better storyteller. It is the perfect gift for someone you love.

Coming Soon!

About the Author


I run business storytelling workshops for leaders. I partner leaders to achieve results using the tools of business storytelling. I show leaders how they can use business storytelling techniques, tools and tips for professional success. ~ Yamini Naidu

When I was 10, my teacher asked us to write up a sentence that made sense, but the sentence could only be made up of ten words, and each word could only have 2 letters. We tried and we tried and came up with nothing. My teacher then wrote on the board “If it is to be, it is up to me”. That day my teacher influenced a classroom full of children to think and behave differently, not just in that moment but for the rest of their lives. It was my first lesson in influence and leadership and I was hooked!

I have studied leadership all my life, have taught it at RMIT university, have worked as a leader in corporate Australia for many years and as a thought leader in my own business for over ten years.

Yamini Naidu


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