For Fans of “The Expanse” and “Altered Carbon” Book Tour Sign Up: Shattered Star by P.P Corcoran (May 3 – 7) Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller @ppcorcoran @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours

For Fans of “The Expanse” and “Altered Carbon”!

I am organizing a book tour for upcoming Sci-fi Thriller, Shattered Star by P.P. Corcoran! The tour will run from May 3rd to the 7th and I am looking for people to host. Reviews will take priority but there will be a few spots for promos. ARCs will be available in print and in digital formats. ARCs will be ready by end of February. Giveaway details will follow.

Sign up below!

Shattered Star - PP Corcoran - Kindle v1.0 (Full-size)Shattered Star

Expected Publication Date: Coming Soon!

Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller

In a future where money buys bio-engineered, stronger, and faster bodies, with an extended life span, a deputy marshal is plunged into a hurricane of violence and deceit as he tries to solve his boss’ gruesome murder.

Sam Young – a tough deputy marshal with the Confederation of Planets’ Marshal Service.

Sam’s unconventional methods of justice crosses the blurry line between law enforcement and criminality, once too often. Branded a ‘problem child’ by his superiors, he’s reassigned to the edge of the colonized worlds.

Kaax IV – a cesspool of a world, rife with corruption.

Sam is under orders to keep his head down and, with the aid of the local liquor, he aims to do just that.

Dumped in the middle of the street the tortured body of Chief Deputy Marshal Meagan Moyer brings Sam’s apathy to an end. The local police quickly close the case as a robbery gone wrong, but Sam suspects otherwise. 

‘Shattered Star’ is the new, science fiction thriller from Amazon #1 bestselling author PP Corcoran.

For fans of The Expanse and Altered Carbon series.

About the Author


Paul P Corcoran is an Amazon bestselling author who writes fast-paced military SF/space opera because he gets to mix his two loves; shoot em ups and science. A native of Scotland, he now lives in Northern Ireland with his wife and dog.

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