Book Tour Sign Up: Jukebox Hero by Jason Stuart (April 26 – 30) Genre: 80’s Mashup/ Superhero Fantasy @raiseaholler @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours

Hey Guys!


I’m orgainzing a huge tour for the coolest book, due for release at the end of April called Jukebox Hero by Jason Stuart, The tour will run from April 26th to the 30th and though reviews will take priority, there will be spots for interviews, spotlights and possibly guest posts. 

I am looking for both bloggers and bookstagrammers to host. ARCs are available in all digital formats and will be available in print at the end of February in limited quantaties. Also subject to shipping restrictions. Giveaway details to follow!


Jukebox Here (SledgeHammer: A Rock and Roll Fable #1)

Expected Publication Date: April 30th, 2021

Genre: 80s Mashup/ Superhero Fantasy

Publisher: Burnt Bridge

It’s Back to the ’80’s like never before!

Things aren’t all rainbows and cupcakes at the corner of Elm and E streets. Molly Slater just wants to forget everything she can’t remember and play heavy metal with her best friend in the garage. And maybe get a date for prom if he’s not a skeeze.

But someone in this ‘burb has been killing redheads, and Molly has the reddest hair of them all.

When a night of babysitting gone wrong gets her in the crosshairs of the local gang scene, Molly discovers fabulous secrets about herself.

The hunted becomes the hunter as she prowls the darkness that has crept into her sleepy town. But a far more sinister force, some thing from another world, has other plans in store for her…

Coming Soon!

About the Author

ZomboDroid 07022021083326

Jason Stuart is from the ’80’s. He came through that cocaine-fueled fever dream and lived to tell this story. Find him on Twitter: @raiseaholler on IG @80sinsane and This is his 4th book. And, no, that’s not his real hair. 

Burnt Bridge


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