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Hey Readers!

I have a NetGalley alert for you all! For the next two weeks Killer Rain (Weatherman #1) by author B.G. Austin is will be available for review through NetGalley!

Request a copy today!

Killer Rain

Genre: Thriller


Hard drinking, super partier, lady’s man, Dan the Weatherman sees a woman flatten like an empty Halloween costume. A puddle of rain runs away from the scene of the crime. In a nervous-breakdown moment, Dan screams out on live TV that the planet is fighting back by murdering people with deadly rain. The network fires Dan, and he drowns his troubles in alcohol. When he staggers from a bar, lightning strikes him, but a copper plate in his head acts as a weather vane. Dan realizes that he is a human lightning rod, and it’s up to him to solve the mystery of the rain murders.

The government’s cheap solution to global warming is free medical marijuana for everyone, so no help there. College-dropout Dan puts together a crew of science misfits to investigate a rain that seems to be a serial killer, choosing its murder victims at random.

And then there are all of those frogs that seem to be following him.

Dan mostly wants Dog back from his ex-wife Karen, an F.B.I. agent, who just happens to be part of the F.B.I. Forensics Team that’s rolling up the flat bodies and hiding the corpses


Author: B.G. Austin

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