Book Tour Sign Up: In Solitude’s Shadow by David Green (Genre: Dark Fantasy) June 14 – 18) @DavidGreenWrite @EerieRiver #RRBookTours

For those of you who enjoy your fantasy on the darker side!

I’m organizing a mini tour to help launch In Solitude’s Shadow by David Green. The tour will run from June 14th to the 18th and I am looking for hosts! ARCs will be available soon!

Sign up below!

In Solitude's Shadow ebook (1)In Solitude’s Shadow

Expected Publication Date: Coming Soon!

Genre: Dark Fantasy

An army is at the gates of Haltveldt, a nation built on war, and nothing is as it seems.
Calene Alpenwood, a powerful warrior-mage gifted with the Spark, makes a shocking discovery that sets into motion events that put her at odds with the very masters she serves. Reuniting with her mother Zanna, a woman banished after a terrible crime, they team up with unlikely allies as they attempt to save the fortress of Solitude from destruction.
One thing’s for certain; ruin approaches if Solitude falls and life will never be the same when The Banished return.

Coming Soon!

David Green

Eerie River Publishing

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