Book Tour Sign Up: The Cuts that Cure by Arthur Herbert (May 17 – 21) Genre: Dark Suspense/ Mystery @HerbertWriter @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours

Hey Book Dragons!

I’m organizing a large book tour for the upcoming release of dark suspense novel, The Cuts that Cure by Arthur Herbert. The tour will run from May 17th to the 21st and I am looking for hosts. Reviews will take priority but there will be room for spotlights. ARCs will be available in digital formats (for everyone) and print for US readers. The giveaway will be a signed copy of the book.

Sign up below!


The Cuts that Cure

Expected Publication Date: May 11th, 2021

Genre: Dark Suspense/ Inverted Mystery

Publisher: White Bird Publishing

Alex Brantley is a disgraced surgeon whose desperation to start a new life outside of medicine leads him to settle in a sleepy Texas town close to the Mexican border, a town that has a dark side. Its secrets and his own past catch up with him as traits he thought he’d buried in the deserts on the frontiers of the border rise up again to haunt him.

To the citizens of Three Rivers, Henry Wallis appears to be a normal Texas teenager: a lean, quiet kid from a good family whose life seems to center around his first girlfriend and Friday night football. That Henry is a cultivated illusion, however, a disguise he wears to conceal his demons. Both meticulous and brutally cruel, he manages to hide his sadistic indulgences from the world. But with that success, his impulses grow stronger until one day when a vagrant is found murdered.

When Alex’s and Henry’s paths cross, a domino effect is created leading to mangled lives and chilling choices made in the shadows along la frontera, where everything is negotiable.

Coming Soon!
Arthur Herbert
White Bird Publishing

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