Bookstagram Tour Sign Up: I Will Bury You by Brandy Nacole (May 24 – 28) Genre: YA Mystery @authorbnacole @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Books #YAFiction

Hey Guys!

I am organizing a bookstagram tour for YA Mystery, I Will Bury You by Brandy Nacole. The tour will run from May 24th to the 28th, and I am looking for hosts! Print copies will be available for US readers and digital for international readers. Giveaway details to follow!

Sign up below!

IMG_2875I Will Bury You

Publication Date: April 1st, 2021

Genre: YA Mystery

My mind is not my own. 

My mind is not my own.

I look in the mirror, and don’t recognize the girl staring back with cruel eyes and a malicious grin.

She’s after me.
I know it.

Even with my grip on sanity slipping, I’m determined to stay awake and prove her existence. But the darkness is closing in.

Long shadows stretch across the ground.

With the body count rising around me, I’m left with only one choice. Who I once was no longer matters. Survival depends on embracing this nightmarish new existence and fighting my way to the dawn.

From International Bestselling Author, Brandy Nacole, comes a chilling Young Adult thriller sure to leave readers gasping!


About the Author


Brandy Nacole is a writer of paranormal suspense and YA mystery. She’s penned the bestselling novel Deep in the Hollow, The Shadow World Trilogy, and Murder Is A Debate.

She loves keeping readers on the edge of their seats as that’s where she likes to stay. Her favorite pastimes are reading, writing, exploring the world, and spending as much time with her husband, kids, and fur babies as possible. If Brandy can’t be found, it’s okay, she’s not lost. She’s frolicking in the woods somewhere and will return for tacos eventually.

Brandy Nacole | Amazon | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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