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I am organizing a “Ready to Post” book blitz for Call Me a Woman by Laurie Levin. The blitz will run from June 28th to July 2nd and I need hosts. This book will also be available for review until the end of the Summer if you are interested in reviewing. Giveaway details will follow.

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41nPrBkiXqSCall Me a Woman: On Our Way To Equality and Peace

Publication Date: April 30th, 2021

Genre: Non-Fiction/ Gender Studies

When we give women the same respect and opportunities as men, we give the world its best chance for peace, prosperity, and survival.

• Angry about sexism and misogyny and what you personally have endured?
• Sad for those who suffer because of inequality and greed?
• Afraid the world won’t get its act together in time to save itself?
• Care about human rights and want to be part of the solution?

Call Me A Woman begins with a personal story of Levin’s early years. She describes how the loss of her mother and multiple sexual assaults, including rape, led to her life’s calling.

Inside you’ll discover:

• The most important thing parents can do to change the world
• Our unconscious habits that perpetuate inequality
• Inspiring stories to shift resentment to empathy, hope, and action
• The 7 Habits of Equality to speed our way to gender equality and peace
• Inner peace and freedom as you become the solution

Personal interviews with: Lynn Povich, first woman senior editor Newsweek magazine; Maxine Clark, founder Build-A-Bear Workshop; Gloria Feldt, former CEO and President Planned Parenthood Federation of America, NY Times Best-Selling Author; Mark Levin, biotech industry leader, founder, and CEO; Zaron Burnett III, investigative journalist and writer.

Call Me A Woman: On Our Way to Equality and Peace provides real life experiences, global studies, and insights, and the 7 Habits of Equality that will reshape the world into one where all children have equal opportunities, from the beginning to the end of their lives.

Warning: Triggers


About the Author

Laurie Levin Headshot

Laurie Levin has been a human rights advocate her entire adult life. Early in her 20’s, she headed the reproductive rights efforts for NOW-St. Louis. She was the Missouri Coordinator for a Department of Peace working alongside Marianne Williamson. She was the Missouri co-chair of Room To Read—a global non-profit that focuses on girls’ education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa. She was co-chair of the Missouri Executive Women for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

Laurie refers to herself as a Transformation Coach as she helps others transform and master their own wellbeing. She specializes in optimal nutrition, healthy weight loss, and the leading HeartMath® stress reduction techniques. She has been a featured speaker on each of these topics at corporations, wellness events and retreats, schools and universities, hospitals, ex-convict re-entry programs, and cancer support organizations.

She has an MBA, is a Certified Coach, and HeartMath® Certified Coach, supporting clients globally to achieve their health and well-being goals. 

Laurie spent 25 years in corporate America, leaving as a Vice President of one of the largest U.S. national research companies. She went on to start her own business in the health field in 200l.

Laurie Levin


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