Book Tour Sign Up: Sojourn by Abigail Linhardt (Nov 8 – 12) Genre: Dark Fantasy @Promthanius @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Books!

Hey Fantasy Lovers!

I am organizing a book release tour for the second installment of Abigail Linhardt’s Season of the Runer series. It’s called Sojourn and the tour will run from November 8th to the 12th and I am looking for hosts. Digital and audio editions of book one are available or a detailed synopsis if you would like to know what happens in book one. Reviews and spotlights are appreciated. ARCs are available in digital formats and the giveaway is one of two loot boxes (depicted below)

Sign up today!

eBook - Book II SojournSojourn 

Expected Publication Date: November 8th, 2021

Genre: Dark Fantasy 


Fleeing Al’Myrah, Tzarik sails with Sybal as far away from Sharar as they can. Landing on the far eastern continent of Xia, they discover there are no Runers on Xia and a civil war is heating up between the traditionalists and those who believe it is time for Xia to join the ways of the modern world.

A mysterious creed called Wushito culls the monsters without runes or the white blood. Revered or feared, Wushito exists to support the ruler of Xia–the one touched by the White Dragon. But with Runers ashore, their secrets may soon be brought to light and the traditions on which Xia is built will be tipped into chaos.

Put in the middle, Tzarik and Sybal set events into motion they must see through to the end or risk unleashing a malevolent force into the world. However, a shadow from the past appears amidst their new struggle, complicating their sojourn and quest for sanctuary.

Coming Soon!

About the Author

author pic

Abi has been a writer all her life, but is a mentor at heart. When she is not writing, you can find her slaying enemies online or hunting for the next bohemian adventure. She has published works of fiction, poetry, academia, and even won awards for her short stories in science fiction and horror. 

Abi is also a proud mom of two…ferrets! She live streams on Twitch where you can enjoy her terrible gaming skills and join the live discussion. She works part-time as a freelance ghostwriter, editor, and audiobook narrator, hoping to one day make these passions her full-time job. She currently resides in Kansas.

She is one of nine children–all who share the creative spark.

Abigail Linhardt


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