Book Tour Sign Up: Earth 7 by Summer Whitton & Emily Walker (Jan 17 – 21) Genre: Sci-Fi/ Action/ Adventure (US ONLY TOUR) Physical ARCs Available! @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Scifi

Science Fiction Lovers!

I’m organizing a tour for sci-fi adventure novel, Earth 7 by authors Summer Whitton and Emily Walker. This tour is open to reviewers in the US only, and print copies will be available. Additionally, there will be room for book spotlights, though reviews are priority. The tour will run from January 17th to the 21st. 

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Earth 7

Expected Publication Date: Winter 2021

Genre: Science Fiction/ Action/ Adventure

El is stuck with no way home and no way to apprehend the madman responsible for destroying his own planet. She is close to losing all hope, until her tracker goes off. An ancient artifact has been activated and it can get her off the planet…

 …But only if she gets to it before he does. 

Archeologist, Quaid Daniels has never recovered from the humiliation of his last  Mayan archaeological discovery. He keeps the downfall of his career in his living room—a mediocre petrified box. When he and his daughter accidentally turn it on and realize Quaid was not crazy, they embark on a journey to redeem his reputation.

This story has answers to the secrets of this planet, ancient technology, and a chosen race billions of years older than the world we know. It’s everything you want in a fast paced science fiction novel and more.

Coming Soon!

About the Authors


Summer grew up in the small town of Bellingham WA. Soccer was his life until he started his first of 5 businesses at the age of 25. Sci-fi has always intrigued him, like in when he was in high school there was a documentary about crop circles that he thought was pretty compelling. But it

wasn’t till ancient aliens on the history channel and all the information showing up on the internet, that his imagination and thoughts of writing a book or a screen play came to life. He has always wondered, wouldn’t it be cool if there was other life somewhere else in the universe and even cooler if they weren’t out to kill us lol. Summer hopes to bring a whole new way of seeing what could be possibly be out there in all that space and he also hopes he brings fun and imagination to many. Because who knows what’s really out there and it is fun to imagine right?


Emily lives on top a mountain and writes a little of everything, creating new worlds and stumbling around in them. She is constantly losing her chap-stick and has an obsession with the color pink. Science fiction has always been an important part of her life as she read her favorite author, Robert Heinlein

at a young age. Her small family consists of her red-bearded other half and an adorable daughter.


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