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Lena Ma’s collection of books are available for review. Review copies are digital and reviews are due before the end of March 2022. Feel free to select one or as many titles as you like as long as you agree to provide an honest review and share your review to Amazon, Goodreads, etc… 

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coverShamefully Vanished

Genre: Memoir

Publication Date: April 20th, 2020

At birth, no child says they plan to devastate their lives, but as time, circumstances, and the stressors of life mount, the pressures can become overwhelming.

For Lena, nowhere was that truer than in her life. What began as a seemingly innocuous effort to quiet the chaos and gain control of one tiny facet of her life, soon spiraled into something bigger, much more harmful. When the anorexia could no longer maintain control, bulimia became the next best option, but that too, eventually fell victim to chaos.

“Shamefully Vanished: A Memoir of a Girl Out of Control” chronicles the downward spiral of a young woman who looked for solace in all the wrong places, with potentially deadly vices, and found herself in and out of treatment, psychiatric facilities, and countless emergency rooms. Though this is a memoir, it is also a cautious, yet familiar, tale for anyone who has ever struggled with an eating disorder, a loss of control, high anxiety, depression, or any other seemingly impossible situation.

Lena’s story is written as both a cautionary tale and a glimmer of hope for anyone who has ever felt like the world forgot about them, or has gone to drastic measures to forget about themselves and their own lives.


ebooksizeLasactka: The End of Human Intelligence (Fatalities of the Modern World #1)

Publication Date: June 10th, 2020

Genre: Dystopian/ Post-Apocalyptic

Welcome to the end of human intelligence, the functioning brain completely eradicated by the Himalayan virus known as “Lasactka.” The ignorance of civilization deceived them all with the deadly promise of limitless knowledge and undeniable intellect. Instead, Lasactka was designed to successfully achieve the exact opposite, draining the mental capability of humanity and reducing them to mental oblivion. We all want to be a vessel of wisdom. However, how many of us will actually put in the work to achieve that, and how fatal will we go to reach that prominence if it means never having to lift a finger?


ebookJust Like Me: Fallen Victims of the Mind (Fatalities of the Modern World #2) 

Publication Date: March 23rd, 2020

Genre: Dystopian/ Post-Apocalyptic

Imagine a world where everyone is the same. Ordinary people look and behave just like celebrities and influencers. The lower class shares the same privileges and consequences as the upper class. There is no separation among people and no isolation among cliques. No conflicts. No competition. No envy. A world where there is complete freedom to do anything and everything without consequences. A world where morality is forbidden and driven by unspoken rules of commonality. Imagine a world where differences and personalities become extinct. Imagine a world where conscience and emotions create destruction and death.


coverDeath by Vanity: Be Careful What You Change (The Influencers Book #1)

Publication Date: November 20th, 2021

Genre: Dystopian/ Post-Apocalyptic

A vicious virus plagues the world, systematically attacking those who obsess over social media and taking the perfect selfie. As it spreads, leaving a devastating trail of destruction, it forces factions of survivors to form. But their competing motives lead to further disaster and a losing battle that shakes survivors to their core and upends the lives of society’s most vain.

When a member of one of the factions falls victim to the virus, it sparks a series of horrific events that threaten not only those who have remained in the shadows but eviscerates the bond between brother and sister.

With a deadly virus intent on leaving no one unscathed, panicked survivors, a growing list of victims, and everyone’s flaws and insecurities on full display, life spirals out of control. One by one, all will meet a brutal fate. The question is, when?

Will the social media obsession and the brutal efforts to reverse lead influencers and selfie-addicts to their fatalities?


cover#obsessed: Instagram Exposes Humanity (Standalone)

Publication Date: September 4th, 2020 

Genre: Social Media/Nonfiction

Riches, fame, and clout come with a deceitful price. That’s the ideology we have been manipulated into believing.

“#obsessed: Instagram Exposes Humanity” unmasks the dark and devious side of Instagram, a popular social platform contaminated by fabricated personalities and artificial intelligence. Inside, you’ll uncover their secrets and learn just how deep and twisted their desperation is to obtain and maintain their loyal followers.

Instagram has taken over the social media world by exploiting the narcissistic egos of human beings, a deadly app that requires no effort, and if done right, seduces people into believing any dream is attainable on the Internet. Behind the mirrors of those perfect selfies and flawless filters exist carefully calculated maneuvers and nefarious schemes to make followers trust that perception is reality, tactics used by influencers to rise up the supremacy hierarchy.

What appears as perfection may in fact be nothing more than computer-generated backdrops and extreme photo editing. No one is who they claim to be.


About the Author


The world is a dark and destructive place, and the mind is constantly flawed. Through personal traumatic and emotional experiences, such as domestic abuse, infidelity, and hospital-ridden adventures, Lena Ma brings her stories to life by exhibiting raw emotions that plague, not just her, but many others living in this world. Her stories come with dark, twisted scenes that reflect the horrors of reality. Happy endings are a thing of the past while the pain of disturbing reality shines. As an aspiring author, Lena hopes to make a difference in the lives of others by exposing the truths of psychological warfare and the manipulation of the modern world.

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