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Review Opportunities!

Several books by author Bella Ivy are available for review. Review copies are digital and reviews are due before the end of March 2022. Feel free to select one or as many titles as you like as long as you agree to provide an honest review and share your review to Amazon, Goodreads, etc… 

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themysticaldiamondThe Mystical Diamond #1

Publication Date: February 8th, 2021

Genre: MG Fantasy/ Ages 8 – 12

Quintuplets Astraea, Sage, Cristiano, Alaric, and Zaina Whiteman were placed in an orphanage and divided at birth for their own protection. As their lives all headed in separate directions, they remained bounded by blood, memories, and their supernatural abilities.

Astraea, the oldest, has the ability to read and control minds. Sage, the compassionate, is gifted with incredible speed and strength. Cristiano, the wisest, possesses the power of invisibility and can see into the future. Zaina, the youngest, can levitate with telekinesis.

Alaric’s life, however, takes a different turn. Anger and a painful childhood force him to find peace in the woods. But being able to control all the elements and communicate with animals make him a prime target for an old man who convinces him to steal the mystical diamond to enhance his powers and destroy the world.

To accomplish this, he’ll need Zaina’s help. Reunited, they are as powerful as their birth parents feared, but that’s also their only chance of saving the world. Can the remaining siblings bring Alaric and Zaina back to the good


PowersUnleashedPowers Unleashed (The Mystical Diamond #2)

Publication Date: November 20th, 2021

Genre: MG Fantasy/ Young YA

However, attempting to take over the world once again is no small feat, entrancing Astraea to the side of evil and turning her into a formidable opponent. The remaining siblings, Zaina, Sage, and Cristiano find themselves in the unenviable position of saving the world while keeping their family safe from harm.

Will the quintuplets succeed this time, or will this power struggle sever their family ties for good, in Powers Unleashed?


TheLocketOfEmotionsLocket of Emotion

Publication Date: November 30th, 2021

Genre: Fantasy/ MG Fantasy/ Younger YA Fantasy

Laura Paige didn’t know what to expect when her mother gave her a special locket at the age of five. Now, 11 years after her death, Laura begins to discover a power she never knew she had, the power to control emotions.

However, her quest to create happiness in everyone at school was derailed when her magical locket was stolen, raining sadness and fatigue upon the entire city.

Following in the footsteps of her mother, can Laura generate the strength she needs to save the city from the negative emotions of another empath?


COVER2The Adventures of BoBo, CoCo, & DoGo

Publication Date: July 31st, 2021

Genre: Children’s Books/ Picture Books/ Fantasy

Little DoGo never knew the true meaning of family until her owners, BoBo and CoCo, were taken by her angry toys. Now, with no one to rely on but herself, DoGo must find a way to defeat the evil lion, Milkshake. Is her love for her owners strong enough for her to succeed, or will her fear prevent her from seeing BoBo and CoCo ever again?


About the Author

bella ivy

Bella Ivy is a writer and author of young adult and children’s fantasy books. She loves bringing life into made-up characters and allowing their actions to speak for themselves.

Her first book, The Mystical Diamond, is a young adult/middle school story about quintuplets who were separated at birth but reunited under strange circumstances to complete a daunting question. Can they learn to love each other again and defeat the evil around them?

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