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Advance copies of Fatal Kiss and Curse of Silence by Viola Tempest are available for review. ARCs are digital and reviews are due before the end of March 2022. Feel free to select one or as many titles as you like as long as you agree to provide an honest review and share your review to Amazon, Goodreads, etc… 

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FatalKiss-HighresFatal Kiss

Expected Publication Date: December 18th, 2021

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Dark Romance/ Vampires

Can an obsession go too far?

After her last experience with men, one that changed her life forever, Geneva Beck never thought she’d fall in love. That is, until she meets Luke. One look, and she finds herself instantly hooked.

However, her feelings are not reciprocated, thrown aside as Luke chases after another woman. But her ravenous vampiric instincts refuse to let her quit.

When seduction fails to lure him in, she becomes desperate and begins to neurotically stalk him, breaking into his home and attacking his new girlfriend, at the same time, failing to notice that someone else is obsessed with her.

Will Geneva succeed and finally have Luke to herself? Or will her fixation on one man cause her to lose the love of her life forever?


ebookCurse of Silence

Expected Publication Date: December 7th, 2021

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Once every eighty-seven years, a child like no other is born.

So powerful and destructive, the child must remain contained, or humanity shall cease to exist.

Three generations of the Red Queen.

In 1853, Francesca Billings incinerated Baylor Orphanage in Stockbridge, massacring everyone who resided in it, a mystery left unsolved for seventy-one years…

Until Liliana Watson was born, ruling the world with an iron fist. Her abject cruelty has rendered countless silent. Mouths sewn shut. Lips melted together. The threat of death guaranteed should anyone dare utter a word.

Now, there’s Mara Tempest, a child of the 21st Century, an orphan who lost everything she ever loved, and manipulated into dominating the world once again to avenge her malicious predecessors.

With the clock ticking and the danger escalating, will the citizens of Stockbridge be able to find these chosen children of Remphelia and save the world before it is silenced forever?


About the Author

Viola Tempest

Rising author, Viola Tempest, yearns to find truth in the modern world. She loves to write dystopian fantasy and dark romance novels depicting human reality.

Viola Tempest | Amazon | Goodreads | Instagram | Facebook


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