Book Tour Sign Up: From Brick & Darkness by J.L. Sullivan (June 6 -10) Genre: YA Fantasy/ Loosely Inspired by Aladdin @JLS_author @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #YABooks #Books #BookTour

Hey Guys!

I’m organizing a book tour for an upcoming release called From Brick & Darkness by J.L. Sullivan. It’s a gritty YA fantasy loosely inspired by Aladdin. The tour will run from June 6th to the 10th and I am looking for hosts. Physical copies will be available for US readers, and digital editions will be available for everyone. Giveaway will be a signed copy of the book!

Sign up below!


From Brick & Darkness

Expected Publication Date: May 16, 2022

Genre: YA/ Modern Fantasy/ Retelling

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

The most powerful wishes aren’t said with words.

Bax always fantasized something remarkable would happen in his life. So when a decrepit man with glowing purple eyes offers him a ring intended for his estranged father, Bax accepts.

The ring speaks to Bax in a dream, tempting him with a vision of a powerful djinn. Desperate to make his fantasies a reality, Bax unleashes a creature called Ifrit, but soon learns this djinn isn’t what the ring led him to believe. Feeding off the depths of his subconscious, the sinister demon fulfills what he thinks Bax wants by manipulating, threatening, and murdering. With everyone he loves in danger and a trail of crimes pointing back at him, Bax must scramble to solve the puzzle that will banish Ifrit forever.

Coming Soon!

About the Author


J.L. Sullivan writes young adult stories inspired by gritty urban environments and the tales that percolate within abandoned buildings and desolate alleys. He lives in St. Louis with his wife, two daughters, and a dog named Princess Penelope Picklesworth. 

J.L. Sullivan | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookGoodreads

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