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I have an awesome review opportunity available for you! Request a copy of Wolf Curse by T.M. Caruana and you will have until the end of June to read it and post your review, remembering of course to share to Amazon and Goodreads. Review copies are available in digital format only!

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Wolf Curse

Publication Date: March 31, 2022

Genre: Shifter Romance/ Fantasy Romance/ Paranormal Romance

Only royal fae blood can lift the King’s curse on the alpha bloodline. And one fae is about to pay that price…

When Fae Princess Athroxane loses her father in a brutal battle, a blood curse makes her the biggest target of the wolf shifters…dead or alive.

Her only hope is a risky bet to bargain for her life: if she can win the duel against the Alpha, she’ll be set free. Except, she loses the battle, binding her to a promise to help lift the curse.

Problem is, the Fae Counsel forbids their kind from associating with wolf shifters, which means Athroxane is forced to choose whose trust she will betray: that of her people, or that of a wolf clan whose Alpha has already proven capable of ending her life.

If you like the battles of races of Twilight and the slow burn romance of Beauty and the Beast, then this series is for you!

Find out whose blood will be spilled by reading WOLF CURSE, a Paranormal Romance that will transport you to another world filled with action, love, and revenge!

TW: Contains violence, sexual content and foul language



About the Author


MBA graduate and ACCA member T.M. Caruana lives in Gibraltar, where she consumes too much coffee and chocolates, but finds it to be just the fuel she needs to pursue her passions. T.M is best known for her paranormal romance and romantic fantasy quests filled with dragon shifters, wolf shifters, and witches! If you like to travel through portals to other worlds, imagine casting spells, or retrieve magical artifacts among the pages of fiction, then you’ll love T.M.’s witty imagination and foreboding prophecies. Start feeling like a Tomb Raiding Bella Swan by subscribing to T. M. Caruana’s newsletter or grabbing one of her novels today.

Your life is your dream,

-if you can dream it, you can live it-

TM Caruana

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