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Hey Book Dragons!

I’m organizing a book tour to celebrate the release of The Past That Haunts by Jennifer Porter! The tour will run from September 12th through the 16th and I’m looking for hosts. Reviews take priority but there will be a few spots available for spotlights. ARCs will be digital formats.

Sign up below!

the past that haunts copy

The Past That Haunts (Wardman Chronicles #1)

Expected Publication Date: September 12th, 2022

Genre: Mafia Romance

Lilith Wardman was six when her parents died. Since then, she’s gone through the motions of life, dreaming of what might have been had her world not been ripped apart. 

Yet at the age of twenty-three, she finds herself thrust into a fresh nightmare. 

Two sides are pitted against each other in a brewing vampire war, and Lilith is caught in between them. One wants her dead. The other will put their lives on the line to save her. 

When Dominic Rosini kidnaps Lilith, he claims he accepted his boss’s offer to protect her. Little does she know, Dominic is driven by motives of his own. His boss made a promise Dominic intends to keep, despite his growing attraction to the frightened mortal. 

Trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse, can Lilith trust the feelings she’s developing for Dominic? Or will the delicate life she built be left in shambles once more?

Coming Soon!

About the Author


Jennifer Porter resides in the city of Lewiston, Maine. She enjoys writing and reading adult paranormal romance, mafia romance, & dark romance. The darker and spicier, the better.

She was told she had the potential to write her own book while attending elementary school, and as she grew older, she discovered her passion to become an author. She has written opinion pieces for her local newspaper. Coffee, music, and her supportive husband and family keep her going.

Jennifer spends her spare time with her husband and tends to get lost in her favorite television shows when she’s not lost in books or her creative worlds.

Jennifer Porter | Instagram | TikTok | Facebook | Goodreads 


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