We are huge supporters of indie authors and indie publishers so when presented with the opportunity to share, we were obviously all over it! Have a good read and become a judge!


We are looking for a few more judges for the Indie Ink Awards. We welcome all applicants as judges: bloggers, Instagrammers, bookTokers, podcasters, avid readers. We do advise that you select categories on which you feel you give unbiased feedback and critique. If you have a book that is nominated for an award, we do ask that you do not vote or apply as a judge. Interested in being a judge? Click here and fill out our form. The role of the judges are to pick the winners within each award category after the nomination and voting phases. Judges will each be assigned five books to read. If a book doesn’t click with them or contains triggering or other troublesome content, they can swap it out for another contender, and if they’d love to read more than five, they’re welcome to! Each judge will conduct three rounds of reading and scoring on their own timetable with their batch of books: the first 5 pages, then the first chapter, and then the entire book. After each round of reading, the book scoring the lowest (the one the judge likes least) may be dropped while the others can move on to the next round. But if a judge wants to read the entirety of all their assigned books, they’re more than welcome to!

Each book will have multiple judges, and the one that scores overall highest for a category will win for that category.

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