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To avenge the death of a mother she never knew, Louisa follows the Pied Piper Circus and confronts its evil ringmaster, Amos Cain–only to discover there might be more than one kind of monster lurking under the Big Top. 

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I am thrilled to be organizing a book tour for Come One, Come All by E. Gilliland, due for release on October 18th! The tour will run from October 24th to the 28th and I am looking for hosts! There will be 10 physical ARCs (US only) available as well as digital for all reviewers. 

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COME ONE COME ALL ebook cover

Come One, Come All

Expected Publication Date: October 18th, 2022

Genre: Gothic Horror

Publisher: Bayou Wolf Press

The Pied Piper Circus lures in the lost, the lonely, people who wish to be stronger or faster or prettier…but once you join, you can never leave. 

Louisa knows the dangers of the traveling carnival, but she cannot afford to stay away. Not if she wants to get rid of the white owl that’s been haunting her, invading her dreams. Not if she wants to know about the dark, sinister mark in her eyes that convinces people to follow her every whim, no matter how terrible. Not when she fears what she might do with that power.

Ringmaster Amos Cain has the answers Louisa seeks, but like everything else in the Pied Piper Circus, they won’t come without a price. And there’s something hungry living in the heart of the carnival that will never be satiated, no matter how many lost souls She consumes.

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About the Author

Writer Elizabeth Gilliland was photographed in Mobile, Alabama.

Elizabeth Gilliland mostly believes in ghosts and other supernatural spooks, but she has a standing agreement with them to keep a respectful distance. When she isn’t writing, she is most likely sneaking classic Gothic novels into her class curriculum, or arguing why we need to value adaptations as art. She is also the author of the Austen University Mysteries, and she lives in Alabama with her husband and son.

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