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An epic historical fiction novel of love and revenge, in the vein of Ken Follett’s PILLARS OF THE EARTH, debut author James T. Hogg’s GIRL WITH A KNIFE BOOK ONE: ASSAULT features a compelling heroine who must fight for justice and vengeance in ever dangerous 1600’s Colonial New England.

I’m organizing a book tour for a really cool novel called Girl with a Knife: Assault by James T. Hogg. The tour will run from April 17th until the 21st and I need hosts. There will be a limited number of physcal copies for US reviewers and we also have digital.

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Girl with a Knife

Expected Publication Date: March 21st, 2023

Genre: Historical Fiction/ Mystery/ Thriller

Publisher: All Night Books

Faythe Emily Wentworth was taught by her father how to fight, and never shies from a conflict, no matter the odds. In her small settlement town, she must always be on guard. She is especially wary of one of the Downing brothers who taunts her, longing to take her, threatening to do so by force…

Faythe’s little sister Chloe is different. She is sweet-tempered, always seeing the good in others, and never suspecting ill intent.

Chloe’s innocence is shattered in a vicious attack, and Faythe is determined to seek vengeance and justice for her sister, and later, her family.  Armed with a knife and a burning obsession, Faythe fights the superstitions and injustices that have led to her family’s destruction.

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About the Author

James T. Hogg is the pseudonym of one of the most prominent New York City real estate attorneys. As a real-life attorney he has pub­lished two non-fiction books about real estate and business, one of which was a Wall Street Journal best seller.

Girl With a Knife is his first novel, based on a story he told many times to his now-grown chil­dren. His goal was to create a story that the reader simply cannot put down, even when it is midnight and the reader needs to sleep.

In this novel, Hogg has created a world where girls and women of all cultures are equal or superior to the male characters around them, an epic tale that will appeal to women and men of all ages.


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