Book Tour Sign Up: Battle Within by Christina Mattingly (June 19 – 23) Genre: Shifter Romance/ PNR @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours

Shifter Romance Fans!

To celebrate the release of the latest novel in the series, I’m organizing two back to back tours for Christina Mattingly’s Claimed series. The first tour is for Battle Within and will run from June 19th until the 23rd. Physical copies will be available for reviewers in the US, and we have digital copies for everyone including international reviewers. Promos and reviews are welcome!

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Battle Within (Claimed: Emma & Ryder)

Publication Date: October 26, 2022

Genre: Shifter Romance

Emma, a sound mage, needs to get away from her fast-paced life as a magical nightclub owner in the city, so she decides to visit her brother’s small mountain town for the winter. After years of living without long-term commitments or consistent relationships, she’s ready to settle down and find something real.

After finding herself in her roommate’s bed, what she thought was a one-night stand turns into a big mess when she discovers Ryder’s wolf imprinted on her, irrevocably claiming Emma as his. He’s just the kind of guy that she could see herself settling down with, but Ryder doesn’t want anything to do with a relationship with her.

His wolf’s possessive nature won’t let Ryder leave her alone so she can move on, but with Ryder pushing her away at every turn, their relationship seems doomed to fail before it’s ever had a chance.

About the Author

Christina Mattingly enjoys spicy romance novels with strong characters and phenomenal world-building.


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