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Can we talk about how fantastic this cover is?!

I’m organizing a tour for The Cornbread Letters by T. E. Lane. The tour will run from July 10th until the 14th and we are looking for hosts. Features and reviews are welcome!

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The Cornbread Letters

Publication Date: October 2022

Genre: Paranormal Suspense/ Mystery

Sam Abernethy plays by the rules, but his sister Alex does not. When Sam, an uptight insurance investigator, begins channeling letters from dead people after his daredevil sister’s untimely death, Sam’s eerie new ability may be the only thing that saves his loved ones from a deadly serial arsonist.

Sam and Alex are as close as siblings can get, and unknown to Sam, their connection transcends the grave. As Sam and his deaf niece Hannah struggle to recover from Alex’s sudden death, Sam begins transcribing letters from the dead, while Hannah paints a single image over and over. 

As these strange events unfold, Sam gets drawn more deeply into a dangerous arson case, which turns personal. With lives at stake, Sam’s connection to his sister may be his only hope.

This other-worldly mystery will have readers on the edge of their seats . . . and craving some plain, old cornbread.

About the Author


T.E. Lane enjoys writing commercial fiction with a mystical twist. Hailing from the Southeast United States, the author enjoys weaving in locales, characters, and situations that feel familiar with just a touch of magic or otherworldly influence.

​A fan of action, thriller, mystery, and literary fiction, the author enjoys blending aspects of many genres into a single work, creating a unique reading experience that will keep you turning the pages. From the shores of south Florida to the mountains of the Carolinas, T.E. Lane creates worlds you want to inhabit with characters that make you feel right at home. 

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