Available for Review: The Littlest Dinosaur’s First Christmas by Bryce Raffle & Steven Kothlow, Illustrated by Tessa Verplancke – Genre: Children’s Book/ Picture Book @bryceraffle @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours

Our favourite veggie eating T-Rex is back and this time he’s celebrating his first Christmas! This adorable holiday book is available for review until the end of January. That means all reviews need to be shared and cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads before that time!

Request a copy below (Digital Only)

The Littlest Dinosaur's First Christmas Cover

The Littlest Dinosaur’s First Christmas (The Littlest Dinosaur Series)

Publication Date: September 5, 2022

Genre: Children’s Books/ Picture Books

The Littlest Dinosaur is excited to play in the snow for the first time. He wishes he could play in the snow forever, but Christmas is a busy time of year, and Mama Tyrannosaur has plans for those presents under the tree!

Available at The Littlest Dinosaur on Amazon

About the Authors

Authors with dinos

Bryce Raffle was the lead writer for the video game studio Ironclad Games. He also writes stories for young adults and designs book covers.

Steven Kothlow is making his debut as a children’s book writer. He hopes to tell many more stories that help spread a message of diversity and inclusion especially in children’s literature.

Tessa Verplancke is a sound designer by day and an illustrator by night. She lives to tell stories through as many mediums as possible.


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Book Tour & Giveaway: Harley James and the Emerald Tablets of Egypt by Leah Cupps – Genre: MG/ Mystery/ Adventure @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #MiddleGrade

We have another Harley James adventure for you!

This one is called Harley James and the Emerald Tablets of Egypt. Find out more about her latest adventure and enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon e-gift card!


Harley James and the Emerald Tablets of Egypt (Standalone Adventures)

Expected Publication Date: October 20th, 2022

Genre: MG/ Adventure/ Chapter Books (Ages 8 to 12)

Will Harley Uncover the Emerald Tablets of Egypt, before it’s too late?

Harley James finds herself in the fabled Pyramids of Giza, facing a familiar enemy…none other than Magnus Murdoch.

When the legendary Emerald Tablets of Egypt go missing, Harley must use everything in her power to solve the riddles of the past in order to save the tablets from being used for their mind control power.

Follow along with Harley as she navigates the hidden tunnels beneath the pyramids, solves ancient riddles, and uncovers the secrets of ancient Egypt.

If you love kids mystery stories, grab a copy and begin the adventure!


The Harley James Adventures Series:

Book 1 – The Mystery of the Mayan Kings
Book 2 – The Peril of the Pirates Curse
Book 3 – The Secret of the Falcon Queen
Book 4 – The Puzzle in Paris
Book 5 – The Emerald Tablets of Egypt

Especially for fans of:

  • Nancy Drew Mysteries
  • Gravity Falls
  • Get a Clue
  • A to Z Mysteries
  • Boxcar Children
  • Encyclopedia Brown
  • Hardy Boys
  • Ballpark Mysteries
  • Video Games Featuring Exploration
  • Video Games Featuring Puzzle Solving
  • Point and Click Adventure Games

Purchase Here!

About the Author


Leah Cupps is an author, designer and entrepreneur. She came up with the idea for Harley James with her oldest daughter Savannah. Savannah had taken an interest in Mayan history and so the two of them worked together to come up with the idea for the first Harley James book; the Mystery of the Mayan Kings.

Leah lives in Indiana with her husband and three children. She is also the co-founder of Vision Forty Press, a small family owned publishing company.

Harley James Adventures | Instagram 

Facebook | Newsletter | YouTube

Click the link below for a chance to win a $50 Amazon e-gift card (International)
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Book Blitz: The Littlest Dinosaur’s First Christmas by Bryce Raffle & Steven Kothlow, Illustrated by Tessa Verplancke – Genre: Children’s Book/ Picture Book @bryceraffle @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours

Our favourite veggie eating T-Rex is back and this time he’s celebrating his first Christmas! Read on for more details!

The Littlest Dinosaur's First Christmas Cover

The Littlest Dinosaur’s First Christmas (The Littlest Dinosaur Series)

Publication Date: September 5, 2022

Genre: Children’s Books/ Picture Books

The Littlest Dinosaur is excited to play in the snow for the first time. He wishes he could play in the snow forever, but Christmas is a busy time of year, and Mama Tyrannosaur has plans for those presents under the tree!

Available at The Littlest Dinosaur on Amazon

About the Authors

Authors with dinos

Bryce Raffle was the lead writer for the video game studio Ironclad Games. He also writes stories for young adults and designs book covers.

Steven Kothlow is making his debut as a children’s book writer. He hopes to tell many more stories that help spread a message of diversity and inclusion especially in children’s literature.

Tessa Verplancke is a sound designer by day and an illustrator by night. She lives to tell stories through as many mediums as possible.

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Mini Tour: 1887 The Day they Turned Off the Water (Langsford Mysteries) by A. E. Wasserman – Genre: Historical Fiction @AEWasserman @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #HistoricalFiction

Welcome to the book tour for A.E. Wasserman’s latest addition The Langsford Mysteries, The Day they Turned Off the Water. Read on for more!


1887 The Day they Turned Off the Water

Publication Day: October 10, 2022

Genre: Historical Fiction/ Novella

Length: 170 Pages

Spring 1887. Melting snowpack from the high Sierras will soon turn California’s Central Valley into lush fields, but an armed man with a Sharps rifle shut off a headwater gate to a water-ditch and stood guard. After an unexpected confrontation with Double B Ranch owner, Jake Sanders, along with ranch-hand Kacha, this gunman now lies dead and Jake along with wounded Kacha, are both jailed for murder.

The unscrupulous lobbyist who ‘steals to get the office and who gets the office to steal,” Billy “Boss” Carr, claims to know nothing about the man or the situation, in spite of owning the land where the headwater gate is. Water is profitable for Carr, however, and he is aligned with both the prosecutor and judge. It is up to Jake’s wife, Sally, to find a way to prove Jake and Kacha’s innocence; the truth of the matter. But with these powerful men stacking the odds against her, can she? Or will she watch both men hanged?


Life as she knew it halted. Abruptly

How had this happened?

Endings, like death, can do that; sneak up until its shadow obscures the sunlight of hopes and dreams. No one sees it until too late. Until then, everyone goes along as though life will always be normal. Good even. Until . . .

This, however, felt far worse than death.

Sally walked to her small desk, sat down with a quill and a blank page of paper to divert herself from thinking further. A letter to Lord Langsford to break her dismal mood. Indeed, writing her English friend would a pleasant task. She straightened her small frame, tucked a light brown strand of hair behind her ear, and began to write, blinking back tears from her dark brown eyes.

June 2, 1887

My dear friend Lord Langsford,

I have been remiss, not writing sooner since the arrival of the dog you shipped us. How very kind you are and always have been ever since we met in San Francisco. Jake and I appreciate your friendship no end.

 Sally sat back, uncertain what to write next, pausing to remember how she’d felt toward the Englishman when last they saw each other. Those final moments at the train depot. How difficult it had been, leaving Langsford. She, in love with the Englishman, and he, holding her at bay. He, the wise, sensible one. He’d sent her back to the ranch and to Jake, who wanted to marry her. The ranch and her life could never have been Langsford’s; his life could never have been hers. He had returned to his English estate and she went home to marry Jake, whom she now loved more than life itself.

Jake, her tall, lanky, smiling man, with twinkling brown eyes and tawny hair always in need of a comb.

But now? She shook away her fear and continued writing.

Our crops are doing well. All our sheep and cattle need herding, thus, the arrival of the Border Collie pup you shipped to us was perfectly timed.

Sally dropped the quill on the desk and crumpled the paper into a tight ball, smudging wet ink on her fingers. She could not make her world sound carefree and rosy. It was far from that.

She got up from the desk and wandered out onto the veranda, the roof shading her from the hot June sun. She turned to look up at the mountains to the east, her hands smoothing the light blue calico dress she wore, as though her worries were the wrinkles in the fabric to be ironed away.

Those high Sierras held the winter snow pack for months; snow a dozen-plus feet deep that melted slowly when spring began to warm the peaks. Icy waters streamed down into the rivers that fed the Central Valley. Rivers filled the ditches that watered the fields and livestock. Rivers replenished the water table so wells, both hand-dug and artesian, could be drawn upon for ranches and households. Water had turned the Central Valley into a paradise filled with crops and pastureland. Life-giving water which ranchers and settlers relied upon during the long, hot, dry summer months. Water.

As she stood there, looking up at those high snow-capped Sierras, she only wanted to think of the tri-colored Border Collie from England.

Not Jake. Not water.

Not murder.

Available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Bookshop

About the Author

Wasserman 102

The daughter of a newspaperman, A.E. Wasserman grew up in a household filled with books and stories. At age 14, she wrote her first novella and never stopped writing.

A.E. Wasserman’s current mystery/thrillers series, featuring Englishman Langsford and his friends, has garnered international attention, not only in the U.S., but Europe and the U.K. as well. Her work is critically acclaimed as richly atmospheric; her style bold and well-crafted.

After graduating from The Ohio State University, she lived in London, then San Francisco. Currently she resides in Southern California with her family and her muse, a Border Collie named Topper.

A. E. Wasserman

The Langsford Mystery Collection


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Book Tour: The Best Case Scenario by DB Sayers – Genre: NA Romance @DirkSayers @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #BookTour

Welcome to the book tour for D.B Sayers NA romance novel, The Best Case Scenario. Read on for more info!

Best Case Scenario_jpg

Best Case Scenario (The Nyra Westensee Series)

Publication Date: April 2018 (First Edition)

Genre: NA Romance

“Isn’t hope in some form our best case scenario?”

More than a year after graduating from college, Nyra is beginning to wonder when her life, professional and personal, gets started. Was it like this for her mother? She doubts it, but things were different, then. Nyra’s reality is nothing like her mother’s. Each generation confronts its own challenges.

Still, she’s tired of feeling like she’s wading through waist-deep wet cement. Buried somewhere deep in a future she can sense but not feel, Nyra can hear the siren’s song of hope and hypothetical options whispering to her. She’s so ready! But is the song she hears hope or just an illusion?

Best Case Scenario is the first act in Nyra Westensee’s journey from student to self-aware, fully actualized woman.

CW: Mature Content/ Adult Situations/ Sex and Sexuality

Fifty (50) percent of all royalties earned through the sale of Best Case Scenario, print or electronic are donated to Stand Up for Racial Justice.


Splashes of mid-afternoon sun dapple the stairs retreating down to the beach, shaded by a green archway of Eucalyptus, Hibiscus and Bougainvillea, still blooming fiery red. “Steep,” Toni observes. The sign reads, Coastal Access. Open to the Public—Thousand Steps Beach.

“It’s not as bad as it looks,” Nyra assures her. “And it isn’t really a thousand steps…more like three hundred, I think. It just feels like a thousand on the way back out but—”

“Greaaat…there’s no easier way?”

“Not unless you have a boat.” Nyra shrugs. “Sorry.”

“I get it. Payback for riding your ass these past few weeks, right?”

“No! And it’ll be way worth the climb.”

“Better be.” Toni pulls her sunglasses down to give Nyra the benefit of her best stink-eye, softened with a teasing smile.

“I promise. Let’s go.”

Toni grabs Nyra’s hand to stop her. “And you keep your promises, right?”

Nyra’s heart races and she squeezes Toni’s hand, drawing her toward the stairs. “Come on,” she says. “Low tide was almost an hour ago, but the caves will still be dry.”

The whole way down, Nyra is acutely aware of the caress of Toni’s eyes from the side and the warmth of the hand she’s still holding. Sunlight winks at them periodically, through the canopy overhead. Twice on the way down, the tickle of a low-hanging branch against her shoulder makes her shiver. Fear, anticipation—both?

At the bottom, they break into full sunlight that seems to bless the translucent waves, staining them a delicate tourmaline. Strands of kelp mark the last high tide line in the sand. Nyra is surprised to find the beach deserted.

She shrugs out of her hydration pack and sheds her sweatpants, revealing skimpy bikini bottoms. “We’re guaranteed to get wet somewhere,” she explains. “Either in the caves or the tide pools.” She glances at Toni’s navy-blue Capri leggings. “Those may salt stain. I have an extra pair of shorts in my pack you can wear if…”

Toni’s already skimming her capris over her hips, to reveal ivory panties, with lace trim. She exchanges her capris, still warm to the touch for Nyra’s shorts. “Thanks,” she says.

“My pleasure.” Nyra rolls Toni’s leggings carefully and stows them in her pack, along with her sweatpants.

She takes a deep drink from her hydration tube and offers it to Toni. After a tentative sip, Toni takes a deeper drink. “Tastes like pomegranate,” she notes.

“My brother Kip used to get on my case about not drinking enough while we were out hiking or at the beach,” Nyra replies. “But I can’t stand drinking plain water, especially after it gets warm. So, I started adding ice cubes and flavoring to make it more palatable.”

“Good idea!”

They poke around in the tide pools, where Nyra points out black and wavy top Turban, Sea Anemone, Limpets and a startled Shore Crab, scuttling across the partially submerged rocks. She can’t recall it ever being this deserted.

The tide’s still low enough to clamor around in the exposed caves, worn smooth by wave erosion in some places, rough with barnacles in others. Where boulders are routinely awash, moss clings to them, filling the air with the humid, organic scent of life.

“I’ve lived in Southern California almost ten years,” Toni observes, “and I had no idea this was even here. I thought you had to go a couple hundred miles up the coast to find places like this.” Her eyes meet Nyra’s and she steps closer. “Thanks for taking the time to be my tour guide, today.”

“My pleasure,” Nyra replies. Toni is so close now, Nyra can feel her warmth. Even in the subdued light of the cave, she feels the pull of her eyes. Nyra’s stomach spasms as Toni’s hands slip around her waist. She looks up, offering lips that tremble when Toni’s find hers. She kisses back, tentatively, then insistently.

Apprehension melts into desire, spiking Nyra’s blood with excitement as her lips bloom open to welcome the probe of Toni’s tongue. Nyra’s hands, as though with a will of their own, slide over Toni’s hips, pulling her closer. Her thoughts swim to the caress of Toni’s ripe, sweet mouth.

She can feel herself opening up and the cave’s humid shelter mutes the outside world. Time feels elastic, as though it’s bending to their will, making the moment last. Even the irritant of the rough cave walls digging into Nyra’s back can’t distract her, until the sound of water sluicing into the cave brings her back to the present.

A thrill of apprehension competes with frustration and the hammering of her heart. “We should go.” Nyra’s whisper sounds dry, raspy to her. “Tide’s coming back in. And…the walk up always feels longer than the walk down.”

Available on Amazon

About the Author


Dirk’s path to authorship wasn’t quite an accident, but almost. It’s not that he didn’t write. He did. But through two previous careers, first as a Marine officer and subsequently as a corporate trainer, he started way more stories than he finished.

In the backwash of the 2008 financial meltdown however, Dirk’s employer filed for Chapter 11 protection and laid off more than half it’s staff. Cordially invited to leave and not return, he found himself out of work and excuses. He finished his contemporary last-chance romance entitled West of Tomorrow the following year.

Since then, Dirk has written five more books, including Best-Case Scenario, Act I of Nyra’s Journey and it’s squel, (Act II) entitled The Year of Maybe, published earlier this year. He also writes for Medium, blogs on his website, where you can find a full list of his works and subscribe to Smoke Signals, his newsletter.

A member of the Southern California Writer’s Association, Dirk lives in Laguna Niguel with his wife their psychotic cat and a 13-year-old Ball Python named Corona. Besides his passion for the written word, he’s an accomplished wood worker, snow skier and compulsive gym rat.

DB Sayers

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Book Tour Sign Up: Jet (Temple Maze #2) by Anna Fury (Jan 23 – 27) Genre: Dark Romance/ Dark Shifter Romance @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours (CLOSED)



For a couple of reasons, it’s a dark, spicy romance, and the author is a total doll who has promised loads for my hosts! The tour is for Jet, the second book in Anna Fury’s Temple Maze series and I am looking for hosts. The tour will run from January 23rd to the 27th, and here’s where you need to pay attention…

The first book in the series, Noire will be gifted to reviewers (physical for US readers or via Kindle email for international readers) and in addition to being sent a Bookfunnel link for the Jet ARC, the author will happily gift physical copies to those reviewers who liked the book AFTER publication when paperback is available. Your choice of cover. Pretty awesome eh? 

Did you catch that? There are two covers for each book, a spicy cover and a more discreet cover, both beautiful. You can use whichever you prefer or works the best for your aesthetic. Here you will see the “discreet cover” for Jet!

Sign up below!

Jet Discreet Cover-01

Jet (Temple Maze #2)

Expected Publication date: February 28, 2023

Genre: Dark Shifter Romance

Escape from the Temple Maze was only the beginning…


A psychopath tried to break me, and nothing will ever put me back together. I’m detoxing, pissed off and determined to rescue my baby brother before she breaks him too. There’s just one problem—Achaia. The voluptuous human’s sea-green gaze sets my body on fire. She’s a distraction I can’t afford, no matter how hot I burn for her. My only priority is rescuing my brother—everything else is a distant second.


How lucky I am to have two delicious mates—the hulking direwolf, Jet, and his exquisitely beautiful neighbor, Achaia. I simply need them to yield to my blood bond. Unfortunately, duty calls. A maniacal villainess hurt Jet, and that sin will not go unpunished. Lives hang in the balance.


I have no memory of who I am. Maybe I’m a nobody. Maybe I’m a monster. Anything is possible. It doesn’t stop the sensual vampiri next door from declaring that Jet and I are his. Renze alone is intoxicating, but the monstrous duo together are impossible to refuse. When circumstances send them on a journey in search of allies, I leap at the chance to find my own answers. Renze wants to claim me. Jet can’t stop staring at me. And I just need to find myself.

Can we save Jet’s brother and free an entire continent from a madwoman without losing our heads in the process?



Noire (Temple Maze #1)

Publication Date: July 9, 2022

Genre: Dark Shifter Romance

Welcome to the Temple, the brutal maze where a cunning warlord rules over imprisoned monsters, bending and using them according to her whims. The maze is a dumping ground for souls in need of snuffing out. Got a relative you dislike? Send them in for prompt dispatch. Perhaps a political rival is a thorn in your side? For a price, you can have Rama’s psycho pets kill them for you. Happy hunting.


I crossed a ruthless woman, and my punishment? Death within the walls of her Temple Maze. The murderous beasts trapped in these dark halls have only one job tonight–to take my life.

The maze is a game, one where the house always wins. But I’ve got a few secrets of my own. The key to my plan is unleashing the maze’s most dangerous monster–Noire. I know what he wants most of all, and I’ll offer it in exchange for revenge, something only he is capable of exacting.


Marks will say anything to save their skins. I’ve heard every possible lie when they’re begging for their lives.

But tonight’s hunt is different. When I reach my mark, I find a stunning woman. Diana’s body calls to mine, creating a blistering, blinding need that compels me. Her offer is even more enticing: freedom in exchange for exacting vengeance on the woman behind the maze’s creation. The woman I hate with every dark and twisted fiber of my being.

Can I keep Diana safe long enough to get us out? Or will the maze destroy us as we risk everything for our freedom?


nonconsensual sex

reference to past SA


knife and blood play




primal chasing


light torture (if torture can be light)

About the Author

headshot-01 copy

Anna Fury is a North Carolina native, fluent in snark and sarcasm, tiki decor, and an aficionado of phallic plants. Visit her on Instagram for a glimpse into the sexiest wiener wallpaper you’ve ever seen. #ifyouknowyouknow

She writes any time she has a free minute – walking the dog, in the shower, ON THE TOILET. The voices in her head wait for no one. When she’s not furiously hen-pecking at her computer, she loves to hike and bike and get out in nature.

She currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her Mr. Right, a five year old tornado and one lovely old dog. Anna LOVES to connect with readers, so visit her on social or email her at author@annafury.com


Anna Fury