“Ready to Post” Book Release Blitz Sign Up: Six Strings by C. Billie Brunson (Feb 12th) Genre: NA/ Magical Realism @CBillieBrunson @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Books

Hey Bookworms! I am organizing a "ready to post" book release blitz for a New Adult novel called Six Strings by C. Billie Brunson. The blitz will be on February 12th and I am looking for hosts. HTML will be provided.

“Ready to Post” Book Blitz Sign Up: Kingdom of Jior by Wendy L. Anderson Box Set Release (Feb 10) Genre: Epic Fantasy @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Fantasy

Hey Book Dragons! I am organizing an HTML "ready to post" blitz to announce the release of the Kingdom of Jior digital box set. The blitz will be on February 10th and I am looking for hosts. Giveaway details to follow!

“Ready to Post” Book Blitz Sign Up: Between Love and Murder by Chris Bedell (Feb. 2nd) Genre: YA Thriller/ LGBTQ+ @ChrisBedell @RRBookTours1 @btwnthelinespub #LGBTQ+ #YABooks #Books

I am organizing a "Ready to Post" book blitz to celebrate the re-release of Between Love and Murder by Chris Bedell. The blitz will be held in February 2nd and I am looking for hosts. SYNOPSIS: 17-year-old Chad has a problem when he finds himself attracted to the new kid Archie. He’s over the moon when Archie flirts back. Chad’s excitement is short-lived when his best friend, Mallory pursues Archie as revenge for Chad rejecting her. Chad doesn’t want to lose his chance with Archie and decides he needs to eliminate the competition by implicating Mallory in the disappearance of her boyfriend Tommy months earlier. Three months later, Tommy mysteriously shows up and is accidently killed by Mallory, with Chad and Archie as witnesses. Mallory convinces them they have to stay quiet or they’ll all go to jail for murder. Wanting to protect his new relationship with Archie, Chad agrees, but doubts about Mallory’s motives linger. Fear of losing Archie to Mallory plagues Chad until he decides he has to find a way to get her arrested, while keeping Archie and himself out of trouble. Will love lead to betrayal or murder? If you like the nonlinear storytelling of ABC’s HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER and the toxic love triangle of WINK POPPY MIDNIGHT, then BETWEEN LOVE AND MURDER is the book for you.

Book Release Blitz: The Bird that Sang in Color by Grace Mattioli @fixion4change @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #TheBirdthatSanginColor

Congratulations to author Grace Mattioli on the release of her novel The Bird that Sang in Color!

We have an excerpt for you to read and a chance to win a copy of the book in the format of your choosing!

The Next Book in Kat Martin’s Maximum Security Series is NOW AVAILABLE in Paperback! Grab a Copy of The Ultimate Betrayal TODAY! @katmartinauthor @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours

The Ultimate Betrayal by New York Times Bestselling author Kat Martin, is now available in paperback! Read on for details, exclusive excerpt and a fantastic giveaway to enter -- An autographed hardcover of THE CONSPIRACY and $20 Amazon gift card!

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