“I chanced upon R&R Book Tours via Twitter, and am so glad I did.” – Author Terry Tyler

I chanced upon Reads & Reels via Twitter, and am so glad I did.  I took up Shannon’s offer of a discounted blog tour for one of my books, and was delighted to receive several fabulous new reviews, posted not only on the individual blogs, but across Amazon and Goodreads.   The publicity, along with these reviews, gained me more sales for a book that had been flagging; it kick-started it into selling again.  Since then, I’ve used her review query service for another book; for this, Shannon puts the book out for review amongst the book blogging community.  I was most pleased to get several takers within only a week or so! 

Shannon is so great to work with.  She always answers queries promptly, is active on social media in publicising your feature – and not just once or twice.  Also, she is flexible and works with you to suit your requirements.  The blog itself is well presented, and clear, so that you can see exactly what you will get for the cost.   I definitely recommend if any of your books need a little lift, or if you have a new release.