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I am my mother’s daughter. Princess, born to an angel. Who also happens to be The Queen of Hell, and Leader of the Legion, the group of fallen angels that divided Heaven.

I’m organizing a tour for A Cursed Throne the week of April 17th and looking for hosts! This beauty is actually the FIRST book in a new series and only labeled as book 3 because the first two books were a duet from the same universe. Digital copies will be available for serious reviewers!

I repeat A CURSED THRONE is the FIRST in a new series. That said, the author is happy to provide the duet too!

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A Cursed Throne

Publication Date: February 27th, 2023

Genre: Why Choose/ Dark Fantasy Romance

I am my mother’s daughter. Princess, born to an angel. Who also happens to be The Queen of Hell, and Leader of the Legion, the group of fallen angels that divided Heaven.

But I am also my father’s progeny. Daughter of a daemon. Sired when his blood was half mortal after the Devil shot him and tried to claim my mother.

The spirit of Heaven, fires of Hell, and blood of mankind runs through my veins, along with the destiny to either rule or destroy those kingdoms. The crown I was born with is heavy. My powers, beyond that which created the universe. But neither have ever felt a burden thanks to Declan, Kai, and Luca.

For as long as I can remember it’s been the four of us. One mortal, two children of the Fallen, and an heir like no other. Bound by an unconventional childhood, we were best friends, and they were my world. But in the blink of an eye they were gone, cutting me out of their life as if I never mattered at all.

So I did what I had to do. I left them, and our shared world behind, and started a new one. Keeping their three traitorous hearts, far from my own.

It’s been three years since the last time we saw each other, and I haven’t forgotten or forgiven. It’s time to come home and get even.

Angel, daemon, mortal…the blood of all three is in me. I am the heir of each bloodline. But when it comes to power, there is none greater than a heart scorned.

A Cursed Throne is a why-choose romance, meaning the main female character gains multiple love interests over the course of the series. It is the first book of three in the second phase of the After the Fall Universe. It is not necessary to read phase one, but highly recommended. This series has dark elements and themes that may be triggering for some readers, including strong language and sexual situations.

About the Author

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D.M. Simmons is an award-winning author of adult and new adult fiction.  She is passionate about creating atmospheric worlds and telling captivating stories that take  readers on an adventure. Fascinated by the indelible power of love, romance is usually at the heart of her stories, along with the narrator’s journey. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, sons and crazy cats.

D.M. Simmons

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You Can Follow Me by Jo Brenner – Genre: Dark Romance/ Why Choose @jo_brenner @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #YouCanFollowMe #BookTour

We are celebrating the release of You Can Follow Me, a spicy Why Choose romance by Jo Brenner! Read on for more details and a steamy excerpt!

You Can Follow Me digital cover

You Can Follow Me

Publication Date: February 28, 2023

Genre: Dark Romance/ Why Choose

For her it was a fling.

After her reputation blows up in New York, Kara takes off for parts unknown, determined to live life one thrill to the next. When a chance encounter with a Navy SEAL leads to the best sex of her life, the promise that it could be something more sends her running.

For them it’s an obsession.

Sexy, brilliant, and lethal, Conor, Micah, and Luke have been best friends since they first joined the SEALS. Until Conor meets a daring redhead and their two-night stand becomes a dangerous obsession. Micah and Luke hatch a plan to convince Conor to move on—but after meeting Kara themselves, all bets are off.

When the three men capture her, she’s forced to confront her feelings—and their anger. But Kara refuses to be anyone’s captive. Though they may dominate her body, she’s determined they’ll never have her heart.

You Can Follow Me is a dark Navy SEAL second chance romance that ends on a cliffhanger. The heroine never has to choose between heroes for her HEA, and the heroes choose her and each other. 

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He swiped the key card from her, grabbed both of her wrists with one hand, pushing them above her head and crowding her against the door. He paused for a moment—was he checking her reaction to the manhandling? Why was she getting off on this?—but she just pushed her hips against his, already feeling frantic. His mouth descended on hers, hot and hard. They both groaned from the contact, and then he was coaxing—no, coercing—her lips open with his, and for a few dizzy, breathless moments, the floor began to spin again and she forgot her own name.

He pulled away and spoke against her mouth. “If I do anything you don’t want, just say veto.” 

And with that, still holding her wrists with one hand, he unlocked the door and pulled her into the room. 

He didn’t even flip on the light. Clothes were removed, by him, by her, she had no idea. Then they were on the bed and his hands were everywhere, and so were hers. He didn’t so much as kiss her as eat at her mouth; she got her lips and teeth on his neck. There was some wrestling—a lot of wrestling—that ended up with her face down on the bed, him holding her wrists behind her back. His teeth nipped her ear.

“Kara, struggle like the good girl I know you are,” he said, and a secret part of her that liked this kind of sh*t woke up and gasped. And so she struggled, writhing underneath him, trying to buck him off. He laughed, deep and low, like a caress, and then he did caress her, working his free hand under her hips and rolling his fingers around her clit, making her buck again.



Ends on cliffhanger (but HEA at end of trilogy)

Mention of deceased parent (cancer)

Mention of parents’ divorce

Past infidelity (not between Hs or h)

Backstory of slutshaming for heroine

Panic attack (on page)

Discussion of murder/violence

Gun violence on page

Killing on page

Shooting on page


Graphic, explicit sex

Why Choose (MMMF, MMF, MMM, MM, FM)

Spanking, bondage, BDSM kink

Consensual nonconsent

About the Author

hanna drawn pic

A lover of dogs, mountain adventures, and HGTV, Jo Brenner writes romances that are little bit twisted, a lotta bit sexy—and always have an HEA.

Jo Brenner  | Instagram | TikTok


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