Book Tour Sign Up: The Fire God Tour by Michele Sims (June 7 – 11) Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Suspense @dmichele2123 @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Books #DiverseBooks

I am organizing a book tour for both bloggers and bookstagrammers. The book is a contemporary romance with elements of magical realism called The Fire God Tour by Michele Sims. The tour will run from June 7th to the 11th and review copies will be available in print depending on shipping, distance etc... Giveaway will be a signed copy of the book!

Book Tour & Giveaway: Ulrik by Wendy L. Anderson @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours

Welcome to the book tour for Wendy L. Anderson's latest novel, Ulrik! We have an exclusive excerpt for you and a chance to win a digital copy of the book!

Bookstagram Tour Sign Up: Secrets of the Mermaid by Catherine Stine (April 26 – 30) Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy @crossoverwriter @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Books

For Fans of Siren Tales! I am organizing a bookstagram tour for upcoming release, Secrets of the Mermaid (The Keepers of Knowledge Series) by Catherine Stine. The tour will run from April 26th to the 30th and I am looking for hosts! Print copies will be available to US readers only (Shipping delays and costs) and digital ARCs will be available to international readers. Reviews will take priority but there will be a few spots for feature posts. Giveaway will be print copies of the book (Quantity TBD).

Blog Tour Sign Up: Beloved Woman: A Historical Novel by Sheri Peppers (April 19 – 23) Genre: Historical Fiction/ Historical Romance @sheripeppers1 @RRBookTours1 #Books

I am organizing a blog tour for historical romance, Beloved Woman by Sheri Peppers. The tour will run from April 19th to the 23rd and I am looking for hosts. Reviews will take priority but there will be room for spotlights and possibly interviews. Print copies are available for US readers and digital for international. Giveaway details will follow.

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