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I’m organizing a mini tour for a very cool children’s book called, My Brother is a Werewolf by Ray A. Price. The tour will run from February 14th to the 18th and I am looking for hosts!

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My Brother is a Werewolf

Publication Date: December 21st, 2021

Genre: Children’s Books

Brie wanted a puppy. But what she got was a younger brother. Accidentally turning her 5 year old brother into a werewolf is the biggest mistake of her life. But she will do anything to fix him because cleaning up werewolf poop is as bad as you think it is.

My Brother is a Werewolf is a fully colored picture book geared towards children ages 5 and up. This is the first book in an ongoing series with characters from this universe. My Brother is a Werewolf is the starting point for the series. This and the following books all take place in a connected universe full of magic and monsters. Brie is the perfect protagonist to usher in our new universe. The reader gets to explore her dynamic world and learn along with her.



About the Author

Ray A. Price is the author of My Brother is a Werewolf. He is an author for children’s books, short stories, and comics. Ray started his interest with children’s stories when he used to read to his daughters’ elementary classes as a guest parent speaker. After many visits to her classes and dozens of cookies donated in each visit, his little girl gave him the idea to write his own children’s book. With that in mind, Ray sat down and began writing with his heart to create a story dedicated to her. Build with Bricks was Ray’s first self published children’s story in 2020.

Ray has many other achievements that he is very proud of. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master degree in fraud and forensic. He is a full time fraud investigator. During his studies, he did plenty of playwriting. Ray found his passion for writing when he wrote short stories in middle school.

When Ray is not thinking of new ideas for his next story, he likes to be family oriented. Ray likes to travel and sample new restaurants with his family. He loves playing video games and discovering new television shows. When the weather is nice, he loves taking his English Bulldog on walks. Ray listens to various podcasts daily and loves reading comics.

You can find Ray on Twitter @RaymondAPrice

About the Illustrator

Sam Aston is the illustrator for My Brother is a Werewolf. Sam is a tattoo artist based in the UK. She has been a licensed tattoo artist for the past 3 years in which her main focus has been creating full color pop culture tattoos as well as blackwork and watercolor pieces. When Sam is not tattooing, one of her main hobbies is playing video games which inspires her designs and merchandise. Otherwise you’ll find her watching horror movies!

Her artwork can vary from cute, colorful and cartoony to black and gray realism, so she tries to switch it up sometimes! This has allowed her to be versatile when working with others to create commissioned pieces such as digital artwork, t-shirt designs, and more recently book illustrations.

You can find Sam’s tattoos and designs over on her Instagram and at BigCartel


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Available for Review: Books by Bella Ivy (Genre: MG Fantasy/ Children’s Fantasy/ YA Fantasy @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Books

Review Opportunities!

Several books by author Bella Ivy are available for review. Review copies are digital and reviews are due before the end of March 2022. Feel free to select one or as many titles as you like as long as you agree to provide an honest review and share your review to Amazon, Goodreads, etc… 

Request books below!

themysticaldiamondThe Mystical Diamond #1

Publication Date: February 8th, 2021

Genre: MG Fantasy/ Ages 8 – 12

Quintuplets Astraea, Sage, Cristiano, Alaric, and Zaina Whiteman were placed in an orphanage and divided at birth for their own protection. As their lives all headed in separate directions, they remained bounded by blood, memories, and their supernatural abilities.

Astraea, the oldest, has the ability to read and control minds. Sage, the compassionate, is gifted with incredible speed and strength. Cristiano, the wisest, possesses the power of invisibility and can see into the future. Zaina, the youngest, can levitate with telekinesis.

Alaric’s life, however, takes a different turn. Anger and a painful childhood force him to find peace in the woods. But being able to control all the elements and communicate with animals make him a prime target for an old man who convinces him to steal the mystical diamond to enhance his powers and destroy the world.

To accomplish this, he’ll need Zaina’s help. Reunited, they are as powerful as their birth parents feared, but that’s also their only chance of saving the world. Can the remaining siblings bring Alaric and Zaina back to the good


PowersUnleashedPowers Unleashed (The Mystical Diamond #2)

Publication Date: November 20th, 2021

Genre: MG Fantasy/ Young YA

However, attempting to take over the world once again is no small feat, entrancing Astraea to the side of evil and turning her into a formidable opponent. The remaining siblings, Zaina, Sage, and Cristiano find themselves in the unenviable position of saving the world while keeping their family safe from harm.

Will the quintuplets succeed this time, or will this power struggle sever their family ties for good, in Powers Unleashed?


TheLocketOfEmotionsLocket of Emotion

Publication Date: November 30th, 2021

Genre: Fantasy/ MG Fantasy/ Younger YA Fantasy

Laura Paige didn’t know what to expect when her mother gave her a special locket at the age of five. Now, 11 years after her death, Laura begins to discover a power she never knew she had, the power to control emotions.

However, her quest to create happiness in everyone at school was derailed when her magical locket was stolen, raining sadness and fatigue upon the entire city.

Following in the footsteps of her mother, can Laura generate the strength she needs to save the city from the negative emotions of another empath?


COVER2The Adventures of BoBo, CoCo, & DoGo

Publication Date: July 31st, 2021

Genre: Children’s Books/ Picture Books/ Fantasy

Little DoGo never knew the true meaning of family until her owners, BoBo and CoCo, were taken by her angry toys. Now, with no one to rely on but herself, DoGo must find a way to defeat the evil lion, Milkshake. Is her love for her owners strong enough for her to succeed, or will her fear prevent her from seeing BoBo and CoCo ever again?


About the Author

bella ivy

Bella Ivy is a writer and author of young adult and children’s fantasy books. She loves bringing life into made-up characters and allowing their actions to speak for themselves.

Her first book, The Mystical Diamond, is a young adult/middle school story about quintuplets who were separated at birth but reunited under strange circumstances to complete a daunting question. Can they learn to love each other again and defeat the evil around them?

Amazon | Goodreads | Instagram | Facebook


Please note which book or books you would like to review in the message box below.


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Book Tour: My First Animal Moves by Darryl Edwards – Genre: Picture Books/ Children’s Books @FitnessExplorer @RRBooktours1 #RRBookTours #Books

Welcome to the book tour for My First Animal Moves by Darryl Edwards. This book will get kids and parents moving!


My First Animal Moves: A Children’s Book to Encourage Kids and Their Parents to Move More, Sit Less and Decrease Screen Time

Genre: Children’s Books/ Sports/ Illustrated Books

Publication Date: September 20th, 2021

Publisher: Explorer Publishing


Nathan loves to play, but he loves his video games more.

Can a trip to Animal Moves land convince him there’s more fun outdoors? Best-selling author and speaker Darryl Edwards has created this fun adventure inspired by his passion for encouraging kids to move in an ever-increasing sedentary environment.


Discover the joys of animal moves with your little cubs in this first book of movement. Join Nathan and his cute, but sometimes lazy, dog as they crawl, jump and balance their way through the animal kingdom re-enacting moves designed to emphasise fun. It’s all in this exercise for kids book that focuses on family fun boredom busters.


✓ Do you want to make physical activity for kids fun?

 Are you looking for ways to help your children develop strength, coordination and balance?

✓ Do your children love learning about animals?

 Are you worried about too much TV and screen time?

✓ Do you want to teach young children about the importance of physical activity?

✓ Would you like easy and fun fitness games to include in your day?

My First Animal Moves is your answer. Play along together, keeping everyone healthier and happier, promoting physical, mental and emotional well-being. You’ll all release more mood-enhancing hormones as a result, which help you feel good every day.

It’s written by professional movement coach and award-winning author Darryl Edwards who is best known for his groundbreaking TED Talk “Why working out isn’t working out“, viewed over a million times worldwide. My First Animal Moves distils the ideas in his bestselling Animal Moves book and Animal Moves Fitness Decks into a colourful picture book for children.

Available on Amazon

About the Author


Darryl Edwards is a former investment banking technologist turned movement coach and author. He is the founder of the Primal Play Method and a physical activity, health and play researcher.

The Primal Play Method fuses evolutionary biology with the science of physical activity and play psychology.

Darryl wants to inspire humans regardless of age, ability or disability to transform their health by making physical activity fun and engaging.

His work has featured on documentaries, TV, radio, podcasts and international press.

Darryl is author of the best-selling book “Animal Moves” and has released a range of fun fitness cards for adults, juniors, infants, office workers and fitness professionals called the Animal Moves Decks.

He regularly presents as a keynote speaker at events worldwide. His April 2019 TED talk “Why working out isn’t working out”—has now been viewed over a-million times.

Darryl resides in London, England and publishes about playful living at

Primal Play | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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Itchy Pants by Raven Eckman is Now Available at all Participating Locations! @rceckman @rrbooktours #Amazon #KidsBooks #ChildrensBooks #PictureBooks #RRBookTours

Meet Booglie, an adorable little monster who will pull on your heartstrings in Itchy Pants by Raven Eckman. Grab a copy today!

Itchy Pants Cover

Itchy Pants (Booglie’s Adventures #1)

Publication Date: September 21, 2021

Genre: Children’s Books/ Picture Books

Publisher: Fox Point Publishing

There once was a little monster named Booglie who was very lonely. His roommate, Henry, was scared of him and Booglie didn’t understand why. Booglie knows he’s different from Henry, but that doesn’t make him scary, does it? Perhaps, with the help of some itchy pants, Booglie can make himself less scary. Will it work, or will the itchy pants be too itchy to bear?

Itchy Pants is the first “Booglie’s Adventures” book. Booglie will return for more adventures where he tackles everyday problems young readers can relate to.

Now Available

Amazon | Publisher-Hard Cover | Publisher-Soft Cover

About the Author


Raven Eckman is an author, freelance editor, and overall literary fangirl. She always knew books were her passion, well before her grandmother’s challenge to read a book a day when she was young.

She obtained her B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Arcadia University. Since 2016, and the launch of her editing business in 2018: A New Look On Books, she’s been working with a range of authors, both self-published and traditionally published, on short stories and novels from horror to contemporary in YA and Adult fiction.

Shadowspeak is Raven’s debut novel. She is currently working on her second novel.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her fluffy pup, Atlas.

Raven EckmanInstagramFacebook

 Fox Point PublishingGoodreads

Cover Reveal: The Littlest Dinosaur Finds a Home by Bryce Raffle & Steven Kothlow, Illustrated by Tessa Verplancke @bryceraffle @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Books

Wow! If you thought the first book was adorable, check out the cover of The Littlest Dinosaur Finds a Home!

The Littlest Dinosaur Finds A Home Cover

The Littlest Dinosaur Finds a Home

Expected Publication Date: September 1st, 2021

Genre: Kids/ Children’s Books

The Littlest Dinosaur is off on a new adventure. It’s time for bed, and the newborn dino has nowhere to lay down his sleepy head. Luckily, he’s got Ty The Tyrannosaur to show him the meaning of family and help him find a place to call home.

Coming Soon!

The Littlest Dinosaur (Book #1)


Publication Date: November 2nd, 2020

Genre: Children’s Literature

Illustrator: Tessa Verplancke

Ty, The Tyrannosaur just wants to make a new friend.

Sadly, the other dinosaurs are all afraid of his sharp teeth! So Ty must go on an adventure to find a dinosaur brave enough to be friends with a Tyrannosaur.

The Littlest Dinosaur 

About the Authors

Authors with dinos

Bryce Raffle was the lead writer for the video game studio Ironclad Games. He also writes stories for young adults and designs book covers.

Steven Kothlow is making his debut as a children’s book writer. He hopes to tell many more stories that help spread a message of diversity and inclusion especially in children’s literature.

Tessa Verplancke is a sound designer by day and an illustrator by night. She lives to tell stories through as many mediums as possible.

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Blog Tour: Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia by Julia Hengst@RRBookTours1 #Books #Kids #ChildrensBooks

It’s such a pleasure to share this beautiful book with you all! Songs from Mermaidia by Julia Hengst, will delight kids and parents alike!

Read on for more info and a chance to win a fantastic giveaway – A copy of the book (digital or print) and a $25 Amazon e-gift card!

VenusUnderwater-Interior-Ingram-EBOOK-ISBN- 9781736137512.indd

Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia

Publication Date: May 14th, 2021

Genre: Children/ Songs/ Poetry/ Puns

The magic universe of mermaids, full of laughter, song and delight: help your child discover self-confidence and find their inner flow by diving deep into the magical world of Mermaidia. Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia introduces the underwater world of Mermaidia. This humorous and whimsical collection of poems and songs reveals how baby mermaids are made, what mermaid families are like, and how mermaids study magic at School of the Fish to become Sea Witches (not Sand Witches). Created by family therapist Julia Hengst the Venus and Her Fly Trip series helps nurture the whole child, promoting self-esteem, confidence and social/emotional/mental health in a fun, playful way.

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Available on Amazon and Here!

About the Author


Julia Hengst is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an avid surfer, traveler and word nerd who resides in Maui. Passionate about psychology, spirituality and media literacy, she holds an undergraduate degree in Media Studies from UC Berkeley, a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and an imaginary degree from the University of Puns.

Julia Hengst | Facebook | Instagram


Giveaway: Win a copy of the book (digital or print) and a $25 Amazon e-gift card! (Digital for International Winners/ Print for US)

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