Book Tour Sign Up: The Survivors by T.C. Weber (July 4 – 8) Genre: Horror/ Post-Apocalyptic/ Novella @savethereefs @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Books

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I’m organizing a tour for a chilling novella due for release called, The Survivors by T.C. Weber. The tour will run from July 4th to the 8th and I can’t think of anything better to read while on vacation! This tour is for lovers of post-apocalyptic horror and ARCs are available on digital formats. 

TW: Not for the faint of heart


The Survivors

Expected Publication Date: Coming Soon!

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Horror/ Novella

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

In a calamitous future, runaway climate change has made the planet nearly uninhabitable. Civilization has collapsed, and every day is a struggle. Lucy, a young mother of two, dreams of a better life by bringing back vanished knowledge. But the rest of her group is focused only on day-to-day survival—at any price. When a deadly hurricane destroys their home, Lucy’s group is forced on the road, where they must cope with hunger, searing temperatures, and vicious rivals. And their nightmare is just beginning… 

Coming Soon!

About the Author

TW author photo (4 in)

Ted Weber has pursued writing since childhood, and learned filmmaking and screenwriting in college, along with physics and ecology. His first published novel was a near-future cyberpunk thriller titled Sleep State Interrupt (See Sharp Press). The first book of a trilogy, it was a finalist for the 2017 Compton Crook award for best first speculative fiction novel. The sequels, The Wrath of Leviathan and Zero-Day Rising, are also out. These were followed by Born in Salt, a character-oriented alternate history novel that pits an Illinois farm boy against a ruthless fascist government. His latest work, The Survivors (Solstice Publishing), is a post-apocalyptic horror novella in which a young mother is forced on the road and struggles to survive a living nightmare.

Mr. Weber is a member of Poets & Writers and the Maryland Writers Association, and has run numerous writing workshops. By day, Mr. Weber works as an ecologist, and has had a number of scientific papers and book chapters published. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland with his wife Karen. He enjoys traveling and has visited all seven continents.

For book samples, short stories, and more, visit


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Book Tour Sign Up: Descent of a Broken Man by Ashon Ruffins (May 30 – June 3) Genre: Horror/ Thriller @lifethrufiction @TimesDreadful @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Books

Hey Book Dragons!

It’s been  a while but I’m happy to say that I’m organizing a tour for a horror novel called Descent of a Broken Man by Ashon Ruffins. The tour will run from May 30th to June 3rd and I am looking for hosts. Physical copies are available for reviewers in the US and digital editions are available for everyone. 

Reviews will take priority but there will be spots for promos and interviews. Giveaway is a $25 Amazon gift card.

Sign up below!

Descent of A Broken Man ebook 2

Descent of a Broken Man #1

Publication Date: February 11th, 2022

Genre: Horror

Publisher: Dreadful Times Press

James Corbin is an ambitious high school history teacher who resides in the lively, yet dangerous city of New Orleans. He suffers from severe depression and anxiety and is on a downward spiral, unwilling to seek the help he desperately needs. His troubles are compounded by a lack of progress in his professional career, his disintegrating marriage, and lack of respect from his peers. While his struggles threaten to cripple him, the city is marred by a series of brutal religious murders.

However, it’s soon clear that there is not only one, but two murderers wreaking havoc on the city. While police chase the murderers, James focuses on his quest for professional success and self-worth from his research. Unfortunately for him, the research leads to the discovery of a nefarious essence, which unlocks a darkness and brings James face to face with a monster of his own. Within some people, there is something… off. Something dormant. A terror that, if found, will leave a path of pain in its wake. 

TW: Depression/ Mental Health


About the Author


Ashon Ruffins is a native New Orleanian and a military Veteran. He earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, while also holding certifications for several other professions. He loves the art of storytelling in all genres and believes the best lessons in life can be told through fiction. In his spare time, he likes to read, enjoy movies and develop recipes. Descent of a Broken Man is his debut novel.

Dreadful Times Press | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


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AFTER: A Post-Apocalyptic Survivor Series – Genre: Dystopian/ Post-Apocalypse @EerieRiver @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #HorrorBooks

It’s always a treat to share an Eerie River publication with you! This series is called AFTER: A Post-Apocalyptic Survivor Series!



Publication Date: September 3rd, 2021

Genre: Book Collection/ Dystopian/ Post-Apocalypse

Publisher: Eerie River Publishing

This is not our world. This is the world AFTER.

Featuring the entire eight-part novelette series

We challenged eight Eerie River authors to imagine life AFTER the world we know is destroyed by a cataclysmic event, leaving our species on the brink and struggling to survive. In each of these stories you will find a new world, years after the old one was ravaged by war, disease, invasion, climate change or mythological event.

In the caves and on the roads, through transformation and violence, and in the empty spaces left by the vanishing sea, discover the fate of the humanity that remains, both familiar and alien. Where survival is a struggle and the future lives in the ruins of the past.

This is not a collection of stories about how the world ends.

These are stories of how humanity survives.

Fans of “Love, Death + Robots” will love this collection!

Available on Amazon

AFTER graphic

Featuring Eight Original Stories:

Derelict by T.M. Brown
A Place Beyond the Storm by David Green
Quantum Rule by Jay Sandlin
The Creeping Void by Tim Mendees
Heart of Thorns by Chris Hewitt
Fading Echoes by Joel R. Hunt
Carry On by Holley Cornetto
Sin Chaser by S.O. Green


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Book Blitz & Giveaway: Last Stop Last Stop: Horror on Route 13 (Genre: Anthology/ Horror) @EerieRiver @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #HorrorBooks

Today, we’re happy to share another chilling release from Eerie River Publishing, Last Stop: Horror on Route 13! Read on for more details and a chance to win a $25 Amazon e-Gift Card!

Last Stop Jpg

Last Stop: Horror on Route 13

Publication Date: October 30th, 2021

Genre: Horror/ Anthology

Publisher: Eerie River

A terrifying journey into America’s forgotten regions.

You ever heard of Route Thirteen? No, not that one.
The real one.

It ain’t on no map, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’s travelled it. I dare say this book’s the only evidence you’ll ever come across mentioning that forgotten road. Or the bar.

Goes by the name of Whiskey Pete’s.

That shiver you just felt? That’s a warning, and so’s this book. Thirteen stories of pure horror, blood-curdling violence and spectacularly bad decisions, inspired by the poor folks who fell foul of old Route Thirteen and Whiskey Pete’s.

Let this book be your warning. If you find yourself on that forsaken road, with the warming lights of Whiskey Pete’s upon your windshield, turn back. Or it’ll be your Last Stop

A shared-world anthology of dread authored by

Holley Cornetto ~ L. T. Emery ~ Peter J. Foote
J.W. Garrett ~ David Green ~ Stephen Herczeg
Abigail Linhardt ~ Beth W. Patterson ~ Lynne Phillips
Austin Shirey ~ Joshua D Taylor ~ V. A. Vazquez ~ Patrick Winters

Available on Amazon

Click the link to enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon e-Gift Card! Giveaway closes Midnight EST on December 2nd!



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Book Tour: It Calls from the Doors by Various Authors @EerieRiver @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Horror

Letting the scares continue with It Calls from the Doors, another scary collection of short stories from a group of talented authors! Read on for more details and a chance to win a $25 Amazon e-Gift Card!

Doors Ebook

It Calls From the Doors (Foreword by Dave Jeffery, author of “A Quiet Apocalypse”)

Publication Date: October 15th, 2021

Genre: Horror/ Anthology

Open the door to your nightmares.

They are the silent guardians of our inner spaces. We throw them open to welcome friends and family. We shut them tight against the darkness and trust them to keep us safe. But they also hide our true natures, ward off intruders, and seal away what can never be allowed to escape.

But, what happens when the thing that we rely on the most, welcomes the bad things in? What happens when our protector becomes the thing we fear?

Turn the key, pull back the bolt, unfasten the latch and let the darkness through. Discover 19 tales of terror and despair that lurk on the other side of the Doors in the fourth instalment of Eerie River Publishing’s horror series.

Eerie River Publishing


Available on Amazon!

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ItcallsfromtheDoors copy

Book Tour Schedule

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November 2nd

Horror Tree (Guest Post)

Breakeven Books (Spotlight)

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Cats Luv Coffee (Review)

November 3rd

Bibliolater, Jennifer Mitchell (Review)

Bunny’s Book Reviews (Review)

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November 4th

The Faerie Review (Review)

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Jessica Belmont (Review)

November 5th

B is for Book Review (Spotlight)

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On the Shelf Reviews (Review)



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Mini Book Tour: Owen’s Terrarium by Julie Hiner @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #HorrorBooks #Horror

Welcome to the mini launch tour for Owen’s Terrarium by Julie Hiner. Ugh, just the name gives us chills!

Owen's Terrariuam - EBOOK Cover

Owen’s Terrarium

Publication Date: October 28th, 2021

Genre: Horror/ Nostalgic 80’s Slasher Flicks

This is the way that Owen’s life takes a drastic turn: with a forced surfacing from the basement of the Elm Film House, and an unexpected guest at Friday Fright Night.

Owen loves classic horror films, his exotic pets, and a beautiful cheese and wine pairing. Driven by an upward spike of pain as he fights the urges spawned by his sickness, he hides from the world.

At home, he relishes in the beauty of his carefully acquired exotic pets, works on the new, sterile terrarium in the basement, or devours a wheel of cheese while viewing a horror delight on the big screen in his film room. At the Elm Film House, he hides in the basement, examining reel after reel for flaws. He only surfaces to run a double horror feature at Friday Fright Night.

He is destined to fight the evil within, alone, except for his pets. Until a milky-skinned, chocolate-haired goddess enters the stage of his troubled life. New feelings emerge. Old ones boil beneath the surface. What path will Owen be destined to follow?

One of happiness? Or one drenched in blood?

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Goodbye Butterfly

April 12, 1980

Owen narrowed his eyes, staring down at the butterfly pinned to a square of white oak. Its wings, the colour of an ocean, spread out around its body. The sickness swirled through his veins, searing him with pokers of sharp pain. The butterfly twitched. The only way to end his suffering was to end the butterfly’s.

He pulled the hood of his hoodie over his head, tucking his dark locks behind his ears. A shiver crept down his spine. There wasn’t enough meat on his wiry frame to fend off the chill of the basement.

He pushed on the flat top of the pin. The butterfly fluttered its wings in a desperate attempt to escape its fate. The silver weapon slid deeper into its body. Black-purple oozed with a painful slowness from the tiny hole piercing its flesh.

The ocean wings fluttered wildly, slapping against the white oak, pieces tearing from the delicate paper-like flying contraptions. Owen pushed harder. The pin pierced through the other side of the body. As the wings slowed to a twitch, Owen’s shoulders relaxed. Minimal damage had been done by the butterfly’s frantic flapping. The butterfly wasn’t going anywhere. It twitched again, and this time the tremor caused a convulsion to ripple through its entire insect body.

With a final push, the pin hit the white oak. The thick inner fluid of the arthropod trickled down both sides of the cylindrical body, staining the wood. Not for long. Owen knew from experience that white oak didn’t stain permanently, and that with a dab of his homemade concoction on a cloth, he’d be able to clean up the backdrop of the butterfly’s forever home.

It was best. To be able to secure the insect to its permanent afterlife dwelling while it still breathed. To be able to watch it twitch slowly to its end, the last few breaths dissipating from its body as it finally lay still.

Owen licked his lips. He picked up a pair of tweezers and clamped them to the bottom end of the butterfly’s tubular physique. With deliberate precision, he guided the pin, still piercing the creature, up toward the butterfly’s head, causing a gush of innards to escape in a thin line of black-purple sludge.

Ocean wings twitched. Once. Twice. The body convulsed three times. The butterfly lay still, accepting its fate.

Owen’s shoulders relaxed. He removed the pin, myrtle hemolymph oozing down the thin, silver weapon. He removed the tweezers, purple-black chunks of insect flesh sticking to the open prongs. He wiped the pin, placed it on the wooden table, then wiped the tweezers, placing them next to the pin.

Placing his hands in his lap, he stared at his work. Nothing moved. The silence in the room deepened, as if the entire space had taken a deep breath and exhaled slowly into a meditative state.

The dim lightbulb hanging from the centre of the wooden rafters flickered, then went out.

Owen stared into the dark basement, the shapes of forgotten sheet-covered furniture loomed around the perimeter of the musty space. It was the only place Owen could find any peace. He was the oldest of the dozen children Agnes—Mrs. Harden— had collected. She was like the old lady in the weather-beaten house who collected cats. Only, Agnes collected children. Unwanted

orphans abandoned by their mothers, or thrown into the evil core of the earth by tragic events that took away the few parents who actually wanted their spawn. Agnes loved lonely orphans. Owen had been the last one added to her collection. At sixteen years old, he’d been shocked at the news that he’d be leaving the wet basement of the dark convent.

The bulb flickered back on, casting long shadows from the furniture over the cold, concrete floor.

Owen stared at the butterfly’s body. Dead. The long, bulbous black cylinder bleeding out, even after the twitching had stopped. Owen’s mind spun. Hot blood pumped through his veins, boiling his skin. Sweat sprouted over his forehead, trickling down his face.

Its body morphed, the dark tube contorting into a naked, small figure. A human figure.

Owen blinked several times. The butterfly face turned up toward him, two dark bulbs peering, questioning. Pale pink flesh pushed through the black skin casing, ripping a fissure, splitting the face between the round, black eyes.

Fleshy salmon cheeks burst through the insect skin. The beady insect eyes fell away as the casing that housed the insect body split open. Bright-blue eyes stared back at him—innocent, fresh, unharmed by the evil of the world.

The young boy’s flesh was moist with the fluids that kept it safe inside its mother’s womb. An innocent young being birthed into a world of evil. Its cheeks were wet with mucus, the bright-blue eyes exploring his, seeking him.

Owen stared at the spitting image of himself. His own eyes, his own body, the day he was born. The day he was pure. The day he was clean from the filth of the world. Owen’s bottom lip

quivered. A tear escaped from the corner of his eye, trickling down his sweat-soaked cheek, mixing with his stinky sweat.

The slimy pink lips of the newborn child moved, releasing a tiny mewl.

Owen watched the infant lips as they released coo after coo. The soft sound slithered into the pits of his ears, soothing the flesh that had been burned by the evil words of a woman who, instead of loving him, had hated him. The bright-blue eyes sparkled under the fluttering blinks of the newborn’s delicate eyelids. The baby cooed again, the fragile sounds wrapping soothing hands over Owen’s hardened ears.

The hot sweat pouring over Owen’s face, his body, sticking his shirt to his back, cooled to a cold, running river, soaking him in an ice bath. He shivered.

Owen shivered. His lips trembled.

Available on Amazon!

About the Author

ME w Blasters

Julie Hiner is an author, storyteller, and blogger. She has independently published an inspirational work of non-fiction and two dark crime novels. Several of Julie’s short horror stories have been published, and she has collaboratively released a horror anthology. Julie’s home-base is where she serves up toxic cocktails of 80s metal, ritualistic murder, and raw horror.

Julie lives in her home-town in Canada, nestled near the rocky mountains. A hardcore 80s rocker at heart, Julie’s writing is infused with music of all eras. Her dark crime novels are a fusion of 80s metal, 70s acid rock and dark story telling. Obsessed with the dark mind of the serial killer, Julie’s characters are based on bits and pieces of some of the most terrifying monsters to roam the earth.

Killers and Demons | Facebook | Instagram

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