R&R Book Tours Now Offers Bookstagram Tours!

We’re so excited to offer this unique service to our amazing clients!

So, what is “Bookstagram”?

#Bookstagram is a HUGE international community of book obsessed instagrammers, who post daily photos of all things book related! They include short book reviews, updates about new releases, cover reveals, promos, you name it!

The hashtag itself has nearly 40 million followers!!! Additionally, there are hundreds of other related tags that are used. This means that your book has the chance to be seen by millions of people!

For most many authors, this is an untapped resource, and honestly I can’t recommend it enough!

Each tour will include a creative photograph, featuring your book, a caption, and applicable hashtags. We will take care of everything, you just need to provide the material! 

Genres Suitable for this Type of Tour

Young Adult (Probably the most popular genre favored by bookstagrammers)



Contemporary Fiction

Women’s Fiction


Science Fiction

Graphic Novels

The last 3 are a little more niche but there is definitely an audience for it. Particularly Horror!

For More Info Click the Link Below!

Rates & Details

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