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Welcome the book tour for the second installment in the Endymion College trilogy, A Study in Survival by W.H. Lockwood!


A Study in Survival (Endymion College #2)

Expected Publication Date: October 27th 2022

Genre:  Cozy Horror Romance/ Dark Academia

She survived the spirit. She survived the demon. She survived term one.

Winter at Endymion College should mean only good things for Anna James: books, best friends, and studying Gothic Literature under the most handsome professor Anna has ever laid eyes on. Unfortunately, just as she prepares to relax and enjoy her very hard-earned place at this coveted university, an impossibly dashing stranger arrives to turn everything upside down.

Suddenly, Anna finds herself caught in a life-or-death struggle against a fiendish new supernatural assailant, and with explosive revelations and closely held secrets forced out into the open, a tragic history comes back to haunt Anna and her friends.

Knife skills and friendships will be put to the test as enemies, both human and paranormal, work to destroy everything Anna has fought to build.

Can Anna get to the bottom of her haunted apartment mystery and resist the eerily familiar charms of a gorgeous new interloper, all while trying to keep herself and her friends alive? Or will she and those she holds dearest be torn apart by a new kind of evil?

Equally as gothic, just as romantic, even more dangerous, packed full of ghost stuff and demon stuff, Endymion College 2: A Study in Survival is the inappropriately-amusing, cosy-horror sequel you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to enrol.

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I believe in ghosts. And so should you. Hasn’t anyone ever told you this building is haunted?”

Candide did, once, I think…” Anna remembered standing in the courtyard with Candide that first day, looking up at the apartment, talking about the rumour of a haunting… but she couldn’t remember why Candide had brought it up, or how the ghost story had ended. She blinked away the memory that went nowhere. “I’ve been here three months now, and I’ve never seen a thing. In fact…” Then she caught herself. She was about to tell him they had played with a ouija board once, leaving out all the details of the demon that came through and spoke to them, but then she wondered a little absently, not for the first time, why they had decided to do the séance in the first place. It was rather an odd thing she and Eve had puzzled over together on occasion. That the two of them should have been brought together in such strange circumstances, doing a séance for no apparent reason… It must have been someone’s stupid idea. But she couldn’t remember whose… How had she even ended up in his apartment that first night?

In fact, what?” Percy was watching her very carefully. He seemed to be hanging on her every word, and she felt a small flush of self-consciousness.

Nothing. I don’t really know what I was going to say. I wish I could believe in ghosts, but I’ve never seen one…” His eyes stayed on her. She tried to remain casual. “I love ghost stories, though. Have you ever seen a ghost?”

Then the eyes fell away, gazing down into the darkness below, and the words fell slowly, heavily, from his beautiful lips. “I have.”

She leaned a little closer. “Was it scary?”

It was terrifying.” Even in the dark of the hall, she believed she saw a shudder, his eyes widen, a touch of panic all about him.

Her curiosity got the best of her. Do you know a good ghost story?”

Now he looked back at her, but not as one preparing to enter into all the intimacy and excitement of a scary tale told in a dark, haunted building. He looked genuinely scared, as though he could see the apparition even now in his mind’s eye. He looked unsure, as though he thought he perhaps best not tell her. He looked wary, as though he were making up his mind whether to trust her. But he said, his tone serious, nothing light or fun or joking about him at all: “I know the best and most horrifying ghost story of all. The most harrowing and terrifying of all, because it’s true, every word of it. And if I tell you, your life won’t ever be the same again.” 

Utterly beyond help, Anna whispered, “So… will you tell me then?”

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About the Author


W.H. Lockwood writes feminist gothic and historical fiction, dark academia and cosy horror, all with a romantic twist.

Raised on a diet of Point books and Pepsi, only willing to leave her den to attend chess club at public school, W.H. Lockwood started writing at a young age and has kept this passion throughout her life.

Always a voracious reader, she obtained an undergraduate degree in literary studies from a gorgeous sandstone university, following that with a master’s degree in publishing and editing, then another master’s degree in astronomy, thus uniting her two great loves of the arts and science, leaving her utterly unqualified to cope with the real world.

These days, W.H. Lockwood works as a professional editor and can often be found aimlessly wandering through the coffee shops and bookstores of the beautiful city she calls home.

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