Book Release: In Our Bones by Pernell Plath Meier @PernellMeier @RRBookTours1 @btwnthelinespub #RRBookTours #Books #BookBlitz

Congratulations to Pernell Plath Meier on the release of In Our Bones! Read on for a little sneak peek and book details! There's also a fabulous giveaway!

Blog Tour: Emergence by Shira Shiloah MD @ShiraShiloahMD @KeriBarnum @RRBookTours1 #Books #Thriller #RRBookTours

Welcome to the tour for exciting medical thriller, Emergence by Shira Shiloah MD! Read on for an exclusive excerpt and a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

Blog Tour Sign Up: Nothing Good Happens After Midnight by Jeffery Deaver, Linwood Barclay, Heather Graham & Other Bestselling Authors! (Nov 16 – 20) Genre: Suspense/ Thriller/ Sci-Fi @suspensemag @rrbooktours #RRBookTours

I have an exciting one for you! Bestselling author, Jeffery Deaver has a collection of short stories coming out, and he has teamed up with some amazing authors, you may recognize 😉 The book is called Nothing Good Happens After Midnight and to help launch the release I am organizing a tour for the week of November 16th (Nov. 16th - 20th). Reviews will take priority but I am looking for people to host those and promotional spots. ARCs are available now (Digital).

Blog Tour: Median Gray by Bill Mesce Jr. @btwnthelinespub @rrbooktours1 #Thriller #RRBookTours #Books

“Smart, gritty, and authentic, Median Gray delivers a crackling tale complete with complex and damaged characters, and a keen eye for what cops know and think.” -– SFPD Sgt. Adam

Blog Tour Sign Up: By the Book by A.J. McCarthy (Nov 16 – 20) Genre: Mystery/ Suspense @ajackmccarthy @rrbooktours1 #RRBookTours #Mystery #Suspense #Books

Blog tour sign up: Synopsis -- A clue is left at a murder scene: a page from a paperback novel. The title of the book is Murder by the Dozen, and local author, T.L. McGinnis, cannot provide any leads. Detectives Josh Riddell and Clint Weller of the Ottawa Police Service are worried about what lies ahead. It soon becomes evident their worst fears have been realized, and a serial killer is using the novel as a guide. It’s impossible to foresee and safeguard all the potential victims, and time is running out. But who is the killer’s real target?

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